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Microsoft HoloLens 2 Rental

A few short years ago it was merely science fiction to think that we could interact in a tangible way with holographic images.  Welcome to the future!  A HoloLens 2 rental from Hartford Technology Rentals will open the door to a virtually limitless new world of possibilities.  HTR is proud to be a Microsoft Certified Rental Partner for the HoloLens 2.  From North America to across the globe, Microsoft has selected Hartford to be the partner of choice when you want to rent a HoloLens.

How to rent the HoloLens 2 from a trusted Microsoft Partner

When Microsoft selected HTR to be their HoloLens 2 rental partner they knew that the vaunted Microsoft name would get the attention to detail and service excellence it deserves.  Hartford Technology Rentals makes renting a HoloLens as easy as sending an email or making a quick phone call.  And what’s more, you get top shelf service for a reasonable price.  We rent the HoloLens on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and even have extra discounts available for longer term rentals.  But there is so much more to be considered than a simple device rental when you work with Hartford and Microsoft.

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  • Partnerships With App Developers For Preloading of The Best HoloLens Apps

HoloLens 2 Specs

CPU Model Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 Compute Platform
Core Architecture ARM Cortex-A75
Logical CPU Cores 8
Memory 4GB
Storage 64GB
HPU 2nd gen custom built holographic processing unit
Wifi Wifi 5 (802.11ac 2 x 2)
Bluetooth LE 5.0

What’s Included In A HoloLens 2 Rental Package

Renting the HoloLens from HTR is quick and easy.  And it also comes with a few unexpected extras to help you maximize your HoloLens rental experience.  First of all, you get access to an experienced and highly trained sales person to guide you through the rental process.  You get logistical support during the transit portion of your rental and the ability to track your shipment from the moment it leaves one of our distribution centers until it arrives at your office.  When you open the box you will find a quick start guide to help you quickly and easily get to work.  The HoloLens will be fully charged and cleaned and sanitized for your safety.

Hartford Technology Rentals is also partnering with some of the premier app development companies who are creating leading edge software to use with the HoloLens 2.  Ask your rep about preloading trial versions of apps in your vertical prior to shipment.

Industries That Use The HoloLens 2

Training simulations
Mapping and design
Risk Management
Security and Defense
Air Traffic Control
Connectivity Zones

There are so many amazing uses for the Microsoft HoloLens 2.  When you are ready to start your HoloLens 2 rental, call us at 888-520-5667.