Orah 4i Rental

Orah 4i Rental

Rent the Orah 4i and experience the first, all-in-one virtual reality camera designed to capture and stream 360 video instantly. This VR camera gives professional content creators a 4K video with full-sphere 3D surround sound that puts users right in the action. And when the camera becomes available, Hartford Technology Rental will be adding Orah camera rentals to our lineup.

Rent a 360 video camera built for live streaming with VideoStitch, the 360-video-stitching software that the Orah camera uses for stitching the videos live and on the fly.

When you rent the Orah 4i camera, you'll notice that it is much smaller than many of the professional rigs, like the GoPro Odyssey or Nokia Ozo. It’s very light, weighing only 17 ounces which makes it more portable. The Orah camera offers four fisheye lenses and four Sony Exmore image sensors. There are four microphones to capture four-channel ambisonic sound that puts its user right in the action.

Rent the Orah 4i and capture or stream video in 4K instantly. Set up is so easy – it takes just minutes with no hassle. Renting an Orah camera is perfect for small production houses, content studios, educational institutions and even news agencies.

When you want to rent a 360 video camera for a short-term project, consider an Orah camera rental.  Give us a call at 888-520-5667 to learn more about renting an Orah camera or any of the other VR camera rentals we stock, as well as VR headset rentals. Our Sales team is knowledgeable and will make sure you get the right rental equipment when and where you need it. Don’t delay – let us help you make your virtual world a reality!

Orah 4i Setup Tutorial

General Features:

  • Max live output resolution: 4K @ 30 fps
  • Output video options: Broadcast live video in realtime to any CDN / Record sources and/or output video to SD card
  • Output sound format: 4-Channel Ambisonic @ B-Format
  • Video Processor: 2 x Ambarella™ processor
  • Image Sensor: 4 x Sony EXMOR™
  • Lens: Fisheye 4 x f2.0 fisheye 8-Layer MC Glass
  • Video resolution: 2048 x 1536 pixels
  • Capture framerate: 30 fps
  • Microphone: 4x High dynamic range microphone