Insta 360 Pro Camera Rental

The Insta360 Pro is jam-packed with premium features found on higher end cameras such as real-time stitching, image stabilization, 120fps shooting mode and much more. The Insta360 Pro can be controlled by a smartphone.



Transport your audience in virtual reality with our ultra high-definition 8K camera rentals for businesses. The Insta360 Pro was designed to be as easy as possible to operate while also packed with features that make our rates on an Insta360 Pro rental a great value.

The Lenses

Our 8K camera rental relies on six 200 degree fisheye lenses that produce video up to 8K resolution at 30fps or 4K video at 100fps. The lenses have an F/2.4 aperture designed to improve low-light performance along with an adjustable shutter that can capture stunning slow motion video with 120fps shooting mode.  There?s also a time lapse mode adding a new dimension in videos.

Real-time Stitching

The Insta360 Pro has built-in real-time imaging stitching and preview using optical flow to create near seamless, dynamic and precise stitching.  This is a great feature to allow you to dive into the scene as it unfolds or live-stream an event on FaceBook, YouTube, or any other 360 supporting platform.

Keep it Steady

The Insta360 Pro has an advanced real-time image stabilization which is great for action footage.


Connect to the rig via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.  There?s also software for Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android to control the camera from.  You can even live-stream from your connect smartphone.  Just make sure you have a good data plan.

Interested in renting an 8K camera rental for your business or event?

Our Insta360 Pro rental rates make it very affordable to get your 360 content captured.  Not only that we also can handle the stitch with our 360 stitching service. Give us a call today at 888-520-5667 and learn more on our Insta360 Pro rentals.  We ship nationwide.