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Short Term Audio Rental Tennessee

You’ve rented projectors to be seen now you need to be heard and we’ve got what you need from complete sound equipment rental packages to thundering speaker rentals, your audience will be captivated by your message. We carry the most up-to-date wide range of audio equipment rental options in the market today. Our pro audio rental equipment is expertly maintained and must pass through a stringent quality control process. It’s then packed in custom cases with appropriate cable kits before it is delivered to you.

Audio equipment rentals

If you want to be heard, we’ve got the audio equipment to make it happen no matter the audience size. Options include; speaker rentals, microphone rentals (both wired and wireless), mixers, speaker timers, stage monitors and a whole lot more. Want to keep it simple, we offer several sound equipment rental packages for any type of event or audience size. Our pro audio equipment is from name brand manufacturers.

Allen & Heath | Clear-Com | Crown | Fender | JBL | Mackie | Shure | Tascam | Roland | Yamaha

Tennessee Rental Cities Served

Tennessee is a big area and home to a diverse group of businesses and organizations. We’ve supported many of them in these popular cities.


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When you’re ordering pro audio rental equipment, chances are you’re going to need some extra equipment such as a projector, projection screens, or other items. We’re your one stop shop for everything you’ll need for your upcoming event whether indoors or outdoors and at unbeatable prices. Can’t find what you need? Simply add what you’re looking for in the comments section of our quick quote form.


Why rent sound equipment from Hartford?

Event organizers and production companies rely on us to offer the largest selection of pro audio rental equipment for their meetings and events.

  • Best Daily/Weekly/Monthly sound equipment rental prices
  • Top pro audio manufacturers
  • 24/7 service
  • Complete sound system rental packages that include everything you need

Customized Services

If you don’t have the AV staff to handle setup, let us take care of that for you. When you rent sound systems from us, our specialized services include:

  • Professional setup for any size audience
  • App installation
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Delivery to major metro cities
  • Convenient nationwide shipment

Choosing the right sound system rental

Whether you’re planning a meeting indoors or live outdoor concert, choosing the right sound system to rent can be one of the most difficult things but it’s also one of the most important. Having a good quality audio solution will add to the atmosphere of your event. A poor audio solution can sour an event real quick. While there is no single quick answer to give, here are some things to consider when planning the audio for your event. Another consideration is the acoustics of the venue. High ceilings or wooden floors tend to be more challenging than carpeted meeting spaces.

Venue size
Every venue has its own nuances. You need to take into consideration the size and type of venue. A standard size meeting room will require a much smaller sound system than say an outdoor concert where this is nothing to reflect the sound. There are also the seating positions that you’ll need to take into account. Will seating be theater style or round tables spread across a banquet room.

Audience size
The size of the audience also comes into play as large audiences tend to soak up sound especially at concerts where crowds are typically more tightly packed. For these situations a more powerful sound system is required to reach your entire audience.

Ambient noise
The more ambient noise in the venue will require a more powerful sound system to resonant over the ambient noise.

Audio type
Will you be renting a sound system for speaking or will it be for live music? If it’s primarily for speaking, you can use a smaller system as you most likely won’t need a lot of bass frequencies. Conversely, if you’re setting up for a band or DJ, you’ll want a larger system that can accommodate those bass frequencies.

As you can see there are a lot of factors to take into account when selecting the perfect sound system for your event. With all of that said though, don’t worry. We’re here to help. Our qualified technicians can recommend the perfect sound system rental solution that will provide the cleanest sound for your event.

Why rent pro audio from Hartford?

There’s lots of choices out there on where you can rent sound equipment but when you need a partner who has the inventory with stringent quality control, 24/7 service and the best sound equipment rental price guarantee, you’ve come to the right place.

Sound equipment rentals near me? Absolutely! Our main distribution locations are in major metropolitan cities of Chicago, Washington DC, New York and Los Angeles offering same day delivery (in most cases) and delivery nationwide within 24 hours. We can also provide setup and onsite support if you need it.

When you need a technology rental partner who understands pro audio and the time sensitivity of a short-term event and providing excellent customer service with competitive rental prices, please call us today at 888-520-5667.