LCD Monitor Rental

Computer LCD Monitor Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

Hartford carries several hundred same model LCD monitor rental displays ranging in size from 17”-26” and all from industry-proven manufacturers such as Dell, Lenovo and Samsung. All LCD screen rental options are in show-ready condition and look great in an office or at a trade show. Receive a discount when you rent LCD monitors with one of our desktop rental options.

Rent 23-inch HP LCD Monitor

Rent 23-inch HP LCD Monitor

HP E231 LCD Monitor Rental delivers outstanding adjustability with a stand that tilts, swivels and pivots to portrait mode. Rent the non-reflective monitor with its LED backlit panel for its vibrant text and graphic, making it ideal for text and coding work. Learn more about the business-oriented monitor that delivers clear views with wide viewing angles today.

22" Dell LCD Rental

22" Dell LCD Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

Rent the Dell 20" Widescreen LCD Monitor that features an IPS screen, high resolution and plenty of screen size for increased productivity.

27" Samsung LCD Rental

27" Samsung LCD Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

Samsung LCD Screen Rental features wide viewing angle for total convenience, height adjustable stand and swivel, tilt and pivot functionality. Renting the LCD monitor offers crystal-clear picture clarity for enhanced multimedia presentations. Plus, the USB Hub on this business monitor means all your devices can be connected and controlled through it.

17" Lenovo LCD Rental

17" Lenovo LCD Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

Not only is the Lenovo 17” LCD a great monitor with multiple adjustments, it also comes at an incredible rental rate. It’s also a great fit where space is a concern.

19" Lenovo LCD Rental

19" Lenovo LCD Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

Kick it up a notch with a Lenovo 19” LCD. For just a few dollars more, you get the same great Lenovo quality with a few extra inches of screen real estate.

Lenovo 23” LED Monitor Rental

Lenovo 23” LED Monitor Rental

With this monitor step up, you get the increased size as well as higher resolution for more detail.

22" Lenovo LCD Rental

22" Lenovo LCD Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

One of our most popular rental LCD, the Lenovo 22” Wide Flat Panel LCD wins high mark for its large screen, crisp images and Energy Star rating.

Need help on selecting the right LCD rental? Give us a call at 888-520-5667 or request a quote online. Our technical staff will help you select the right size for your needs.