HP 23″ LCD Monitor Rental

HP E231 LCD Monitor Rental delivers outstanding adjustability with a stand that tilts, swivels and pivots to portrait mode. Rent the non-reflective monitor with its LED backlit panel for its vibrant text and graphic, making it ideal for text and coding work. Learn more about the business-oriented monitor that delivers clear views with wide viewing angles today.



Rent 23″ LCD Monitors from Hewlett Packard that deliver outstanding ergonomics adjustability. Business professionals can find a comfortable working position with the monitor’s custom tilt, height adjustment, and swivel and pivot settings. The HP LCD screen rental (Model E231)can tilt from -5 degrees to +30 degrees, swivel 360 degrees and pivot 90degrees into Portrait Mode.

The non-reflective screen delivers clear views with wide viewing angles. The vibrant text and graphics delivered from the LED backlit panel make the monitor rental thin, light and easy to position on a desk or event site. This HP 23 inch monitor is ideal for text and coding work.