Why are Corporations Choosing Computers over Mobile?

Why are Corporations Choosing Computers over Mobile?

For the first time in 6 years, it appears the desktop computer is making a comeback. A recent report by IDC states desktop shipments rose 1% in the first quarter of 2017 as compared to the year before.

While IDC admits many of the new computers are being replaced with outdated equipment, it still begs the question: why not replace those devices with laptops or mobile devices? And what is causing this turn in tide?

Here are the five reasons I believe desktop computers are becoming a more attractive alternative for most business entities.

What is Making Computers Attractive Again?

  1. No need to have a BYOD policy.
    While corporate IT staff struggle with this type of policy, the beauty of a desktop system is the superior level of corporate security and monitoring as compared to mobile devices. Most desktop computers plug in directly to the network, thus eliminating the need to have a Wi-Fi card. Software updates and IP monitoring can also be handled automatically, taking this task out of the employee’s hands altogether.
  2. There is a movement to bring people back to the office.
    For many businesses, including large corporations, face-to-face employee collaboration on a daily basis has been shown to improve productivity, reduce turnover and enhance workplace relationships. If employees do their work at work, there is no need to provide them with mobile devices or access to sensitive data on their own smartphones.
  3. The work product is not in question.
    When employees do work on a desktop located in at the corporation, the employee work product is clearly owned by the company. However, if they are working on their own device at home, the question of ownership can become fuzzy.
  4. A reduced risk of a cyberattack.
    Because laptops, tablets and smartphones can log into Wi-Fi networks all over the world, these devices are at risk of attacks if the network is not secure. A computer device has one IP address and is constantly monitored in a secure, dedicated environment.
  5. Hard to steal.
    Laptops are stolen in an alarming rate in the U.S., according to Gartner. It is their conjecture that most of these devices are stolen purely for the purpose of hacking into a company’s database. If your company doesn’t have the ability to remotely disable stolen devices, hackers can take their time finding ways to attack, destroy or ransom your corporate files. Clearly, this is harder to accomplish in a workplace environment.

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