3 Silly Ways Technology Can Scare Event Attendees

3 Silly Ways Technology Can Scare Event Attendees

Let’s face it: Technology Rules. From the 8 to the 80-year-old, most individuals consider their smartphone an extension of themselves. Even though most individuals know how to text and check their SnapChat/Facebook application, you cannot assume other types of technology and apps can easily be introduced into your event.

However, the benefits of introducing technology are pretty clear. Per research by Frost & Sullivan, event technology can:

  • Increase productivity by 27%
  • Decrease costs by 20-30%
  • Increase event attendance by 20%

All that being said, attendees can still negate the value of technology if it doesn’t address their needs or add value to the event. Below are three ways to scare attendees off and what meeting/event planners can do to avoid these mistakes.

The Device and/or App is Too Difficult to Use

Everyone has a certain comfort level with their mobile devices, whether it is on an Android or iOS platform. They have a familiarity that is hard to explain. If you provide tablets they are not familiar with and add to the mix an app they do not know, you are creating a recipe for technology abandonment.

Survey attendees at least 60 days ahead of time to determine what mobile technology they already use. Consider a BYOD program and renting the right technology to meet the needs of those who do not own mobile devices. Pilot the app with a group of tech novices and ask for their feedback. Lastly, have a group of technology mentors on hand and available to walk attendees through anything they need to know about the device and the app.

You and Your Staff Don’t Know the App

Nothing can scare a tech-nervous attendee more than a staffer who doesn’t use or know the application at hand. The staffer refers attendees to a 1-800-number or an event tech czar while they are rumbling through their binders looking for printed spreadsheets. This is a recipe for disaster.

Install the app on all staff and volunteer devices at least 30 days prior to the event. Insist that all be trained on the app and have a support system to understand it. Watching event staffers using the application with ease will give attendees confidence to use it.

Attendees Don’t Know Technology is Coming

Most meeting participants usually assume this year’s conference will be run like all the previous ones; signing in via a paper system, receiving a large binder and then going off to the opening session. If they don’t know you are switching to an all- or partial-digital implantation, they may be put off with the process and feel overwhelmed to learn something new.

Communicate, communicate, communicate! Let them know you are moving to iPad rentals for self-service check-in and that everything they need will available on their own mobile device or a tablet rental will be provided to them with all the pertinent information. Be sure to have tech mentors on hand that can help attendees navigate through their questions. Also let attendees know well before the conference starts that technical assistance will always be at the registration area or via text support.

Hartford Technology Rental Will Help You Calm Attendees Fears

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