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Where in the World Did You Say You’re Going?

Where in the World Did You Say You’re Going?

Several weeks ago I got a call from a new customer with an unusual request. He needed to rent five laptops in Istanbul, Turkey. Unfortunately we don’t have an office in Istanbul. But when you call Hartford Technology Rentals that’s never a problem. Because of our direct relationships with rental companies across the USA and Canada, as well as around the world, we can help you get the technology you need virtually anywhere in the world.

After checking to see what the import and export restrictions were for laptops going to Turkey we decided to use a local partner. On behalf of our customer, we were able to secure current HP laptops, configured with the software the customer needed, along with an image load. We were able to make an 8 AM Monday morning delivery in downtown Istanbul and ensure that our customer’s meeting went off without a problem.

As the President of the International Technology Rental Association, as well as being VP of Sales for Hartford Technology Rentals, I can help you find the technology that you need, when you need it, where you need it. We look forward to proving to you that customer service are the only two words that matter at HTR.