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Now What Am I Supposed To Do?

Now What Am I Supposed To Do?

If you have watched the news lately you know immediately that we live in a crazy, unpredictable world. There are wars, earthquakes, meltdowns and all kinds of other uncontrollable situations happening every day all around us. Even companies with the best laid plans can struggle in the face of catastrophe.

So what can you do in times like these? Here are a few suggestions that might help you rest easier.

First, one of the simplest things you can do is also the least expensive of all. Make sure that every key member of your team has a complete cell phone and home address list of your most important employees.

Secondly, have a disaster recovery plan in place. Even the smallest of companies need to know where it can go or who it can call to keep the wheels turning. By developing a backup plan you will reduce (not eliminate) the damage and challenges to your company.

Third, back up your data. We hear horror stories about computer crashes all the time and most of us have experienced the loss of at least some crucial data. Now imagine how much less worrisome life would be if you had your corporate data properly and regularly (daily) backed up and stored off site.

Storage is cheaper than it has ever been before. If nothing else, go out and buy a portable hard drive and make a daily copy of your data.

Fourth, if you have any important information that has not been converted to an electronic file, rent a scanner and make it happen!

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