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Watch these 2019 Tech Trends

Watch these 2019 Tech Trends

Have you been keeping up with the 2019 technology trends? If not, you’ve missed out on a lot. There is a lot happening this year that is worth paying attention to.

89% of IT companies are expecting to grow or keep their IT budgets to keep up.

So, what are the trends that you and your business should be watching? Learn more about the six technology trends that are happening this year that is changing the IT space.

2019 Technology Trends

1. 5G Rollout

We’ve been promised 5G from cellular carriers for several years now, but it seemed like it would never get here. Things are changing this year, with several carriers starting to roll out the service.

5G has been tested to be 20 times faster than 4G at peak speeds. This increase will provide companies the opportunity to create new products that don’t need to be on WiFi to work well.

2. AI Chatbots

AI has taken a long time to develop, but it’s starting to see more use in industry. One significant area where companies can take advantage of to help their bottom line is AI-powered chatbots.

These chatbots serve on the front line of support to help customers answer common questions. They can communicate like humans, and in most cases, a customer won’t even be able to tell the difference.

As AI becomes more main stream, you can expect even more AI-powered services in the future.

3. Privacy Laws

Privacy laws started with the GRDP in Europe. But, you can expect new laws to be passed worldwide with the significant privacy concerns being voiced.

There have been more privacy breaches in the past few years than ever, and consumers are demanding laws that require companies to protect their information. If you deal with any customer data, you can expect changes with how you manage it.

4. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain has been mostly associated with Bitcoin in the past, but it’s a much more powerful technology.

This technology has uses in many industries. In 2019, you can expect to see more of this business application explored as companies invest in banking, insurance and supply chain management technology that’s powered by blockchain.

5. Quantum Computing

Sounds like science-fiction, right? It isn’t, and quantum computing is expected to grow even more in 2019.

Quantum computing is different than binary computing in that it makes use of quantum mechanics to solve problems. It offers far more computing power than anything we have today.

6. More Personalization

With organizations collecting more data on users than ever before, businesses have an increasing ability to personalize their services to match consumer preferences.

As more people continue to use personal assistant devices like Amazon Echo, they will start to adapt to the people using them to create more personalized services.

Make Sure to Follow These 2019 Technology Trends

Things are changing faster in technology than ever, so make sure you pay attention to these 2019 technology trends to stay up-to-date. With this knowledge, you can apply these new capabilities provided by the latest tech to improve your business.

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