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Technology to Increase Employee Engagement

Technology to Increase Employee Engagement

U.S. companies lose over $500 billion every year. Why? Lack of employee engagement.

While employee engagement has seen an uptick in recent years, over half of the workforce is “not engaged”. What does that mean?

Employees who aren’t engaged aren’t invested in their work. They do the minimum asked of them and will jump ship at a hint of a better offer.

How can you increase employee engagement in your company? Here are five types of technology that can help:

1. Gamification

Making work more fun through gamification seems like a no-brainer for increasing employee engagement.

Turn goals and KPIs into fun challenges and track them through online portals. Use online interactive software to keep employees’ attention when teaching new policies.

Once you start thinking about it, you’ll start dreaming up fun ways to get your employees into it. There’s tons of fun software out there to help you, too.

2. Use Social Media

Humans are social creatures. Online social media platforms can bring us together in a new, tech-oriented way.

Get your team to interact with the company on social media. It reinforces your company culture and builds better brand awareness.

Don’t let social media be a one-way street. Make videos and post them online to shout-out special employees, celebrate milestones, or interview leaders.

3. Sync and Share Info

How frustrating is it for your team to have to navigate outdated file share programs or fight to find the right email? Make it easy for them to sync and share info to improve employee engagement.

Have one method for storing and sharing files so that there’s no time wasted uploading and downloading. Cutting out unnecessary frustration is a big step towards keeping your employees happy.

4. Make it Mobile

Many employees are striving for a work-life balance. Training them in new systems can be boring, time-consuming, and draining.

Why not make it mobile? Mobile learning means that they can stop and start training modules from wherever and whenever.

As long as they complete the module within the allotted time, everyone is happy. It’s a solid win-win!

5. Make it Personal

You probably like your work desk set up a certain way. We’re betting that’s probably true for your computer.

If your employee feels more comfortable using their personal devices at work, why not let them? Since they have it set up the way they want to, you might find they work quicker and more efficiently. One caveat: make sure that whatever they’re using is compliant with company policy.

Perhaps your employees don’t want to be tied to a desk, why not provide them with iPads that allows them to be productive and gives them the flexibility they want? Don’t have iPads? You can work with a technology rental company to secure iPad rentals to meet the needs of your employees.

Use Tech to Increase Employee Engagement

We’ve given you five great ideas on how you can use tech to increase employee engagement. Which one are you going to try?

If you think it’s going to be expensive to buy all this equipment and software, think again. You can rent the hardware, saving you money right at the start.

If you’re interested in how you can save money on your new tech solutions to boost employee engagement, we’re here to help. Contact us today and discover all we have to offer!