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Top 5 Trade Show Display Ideas

Top 5 Trade Show Display Ideas

You’ve been tasked to plan your company’s trade show booth. You want both visibility and results, and a return on investment. It would also be nice if you could use it more than once.

So where do you begin? We’ve all been to trade shows with bored reps sitting behind a table loaded with brochures and business cards. That’s not the way to attract potential customers.

Modern trade show displays should incorporate modern technology to attract and engage your visitors. Here are five exhibit ideas you can copy to use at your next show.

Five Unique Trade Show Display Ideas

The Un-Booth

This is an exhibit booth that is an environment. It’s a space where attendees can get away from the show and relax, have a drink or some food. 

You can make your booth a wifi hotspot to help your visitors stay connected.

A scaled-down kitchen or living room can make your space inviting, and you can get creative with showing your products and services on well-placed TV monitors. Adding charging stations can help keep your potential customers at your booth longer, too.

Virtual Reality

Make your booth a movie set to create another reality for your visitors. You can even project an environment on a back wall to give the illusion of a different world. Even better if your salespeople are willing to play along.

If your budget doesn’t allow for this, consider using virtual reality to create the experience for you. Using VR allows your customers to interact with your brand, and it shows that your company is at the forefront of technology.

The Stage

Use your booth as a stage with interesting lighting. Modern trade show exhibitors are using lighting to create more interest within the display. Good lighting can help showcase your products and gives a polished look to your display.

Research how to use light and shadow to your advantage and make your trade show display shine.

The Playground

Engage your potential customers with more than items to look at. They are a whole person, so why not engage all the senses? Ambient sounds or music can create an attractive environment for them to relax in.

Touch screens and interactive displays can hold their attention and create a memorable experience for them. Gaming consoles and selfie stations are a fun way to keep your attendees thinking about your booth after the show is over.

The Double-Decker

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see your display from across the room? One way to do that is to use your vertical space. Go up. You can build up to catch visitors’ eyes from a distance, or rent a large balloon to fly over your booth.

Using that vertical space allows your booth to be much larger without you having to rent more space. Pretty clever.

Plan Your Trade Show Display Well with Hartford Technology Rental

Decide what you want and calculate your budget. You have many resources to help you decide how to create trade show displays.

Make sure you partner with a company that understands what you want and knows how to make it happen. With distribution centers in Chicago, Washington DC, Los Angeles and New York, we offer the latest in name-brand technology equipment to service your trade show rental needs.