Technology Solutions to Celebrate

Technology Solutions to Celebrate

It’s time to celebrate our nation’s birthday! And there is no better time to celebrate some of our favorite technology solutions that help businesses and event planners be successful and stay ahead of industry trends. Now that’s reason to celebrate!

Technology Solutions

Create a Voice Assistant Strategy for Your Business

Voice activated digital assistants easily connect to IoT devices at home but what about the workplace? Explore the pros and cons of voice activated assistants, and understand the importance of creating a viable voice assistant strategy for your business.

Best Productivity Apps for Business

Looking for ways to be more productive at work? Fast Company has identified 7 apps to consider so, let’s take a closer look at these productivity apps and evaluate their platform and costs for your business

Virtual Reality in the News

Virtual Reality continues to evolve and attention is focused on standalone VR systems. Find out what’s in store for virtual reality this year and what these new systems have to offer.

Event Technology Tools Planners Need to Consider

As an event planner, are you still not sure of the benefits of tech tools at your event? Discover 6 event technology tools to consider and the advantages these tools bring to your attendees.

Innovative Products

Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

Not sure what mixed reality (MR) is? It is the seamless blending of augmented and virtual reality together – think of it as mixing real world with computer generated imagery. Do you want to add a MR experience to an event? We have the Samsung HMD Odyssey headset available for rent. Learn more about Windows Mixed Reality rentals.

Gaming Computers

Is it time to take your gaming demos, product launch or R & D department into the immersive world of virtual reality? If so, you will need gaming PC rentals that feature high-end processors and the latest graphics cards in order to handle the most demanding tasks. And, make sure you check out our newest additions to our gaming PC inventory – MSI Trident X Desktop and HP VR Backpack PC rental.

Celebrate with Hartford Technology Rental

With distribution centers in Chicago, Washington DC, New York and Los Angeles, we are a premier technology rental company. Our rental inventory is stocked with the latest equipment to handle the most demanding computing needs in the office or off-site.

When you are looking for technology solutions to celebrate, contact Hartford Technology Rental at 888-520-5667 to learn how our rental products and services can help your business or event be successful and in budget. Now, that’s a reason to celebrate!