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3 Concrete Ways Planners Can Get More Out of Event Tech

3 Concrete Ways Planners Can Get More Out of Event Tech

It’s tough being a meeting planner. With increased technological demands from attendees, the pressure of delivering a “wow” experience and tight budgets, it’s not surprising to me that event planning is considered one of the most stressful jobs in America.

However, there’s good news. Armed with a different mindset, you can gain back valuable time and deliver better experiences, all without busting the bank.

3 Ways Planners Can Maximize Event Technology

Automate Manual Processes

Meet with your staff and volunteers to determine the things you are doing manually and/or inefficiently. Consider the staff time and money it takes to complete the activity versus the savings you will receive if rental equipment and an app is used.

For example, if you are using people to check-in attendees as they arrive at your conference, you can replace this process with self-service kiosks – iPads in accessory rentals that are designed to be secure in public environments. No more staffing or restricted registration hours. Everyone wins with this arrangement.

Learn and Use the Technology’s Advanced Features

We all are guilty of this – using only a small section of an application or technology’s power. Why don’t we use more? Because it requires time to become acclimated to something new. But if we used 100% of an app’s features, think of how much time we would save automating or integrating processes.

Still lacking time? Hire a college intern or utilize a tech savvy employee to flush out exactly what you have and how you can use it better. Schedule a few “lunch and learn” programs and start using what you are already paying for — which is the best investment you can make.

One more idea to consider if you have event rentals. Ask your supplier if there are better ways to use the technology. Implement the suggestions that will give your attendees a better meeting experience.

Look for Integration Opportunities

If your company’s uses Salesforce and you put all attendees at your user conference into the lead generation system, make sure it’s easy to move data back and forth between platforms.

You also want this with standalone event apps. If you are using Passkey to manage your room block, you want it work with your meeting budget application.

Ideally, the best apps are cloud-based and sync with each other on a real-time basis. Make this your standard as you move forward with new software solutions.


These three ideas may take a little time to learn and implement, but they will give you and your staff efficiencies you only dreamed of before! You can use this extra time to connect with attendees and deliver the kind of event they have always wanted.

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