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PC Rentals for Legal Staffing

PC Rentals for Legal Staffing

Your firm just landed a huge case and you’ve got to get a room full of computers delivered, installed, configured and perfectly up and running in a hurry. Now what are you supposed to do?

The last time that this happened, your old rental company was terrific with excuses and then delivered you really old equipment and everyone crossed their fingers and hoped for the best.

When you have a room filled with $60/hour document reviewers are you sure that you want to hope for the best? Or would you rather count on a company who knows the importance of your deadline? Or how about a company who cares about your staff and will rent computers that are state-of-the-art configured to your exact specifications.

For less than you are paying now, you can get so much more from HTR. Call us today 88-520-5667 and experience the difference.