Are Your Business Continuity Practices Current?

Submitted by De De Mulligan on Tue, 08/02/2016 - 16:01
Are Your Business Continuity Practices Current? | HTR

You probably are familiar with some of the shocking statistics when disaster strikes a business. But did you know, according to Infrascale:

  • One hour of not being able to access your mission critical programs costs a small business $8,000 and a large one $700,000 per hour? and
  • The average time it takes to access these programs is 18.5 hours?

So let’s do the math: a small business can suffer a loss of up to $148,000 in lost business while an enterprise might experience a deficient of $12.9 million dollars. And the irony of all this is, 44% of respondents from a recent Continuity Central poll stated they lacked manpower resources and budget to put in place the proper plan.

Here are six best practices as identified by Blackberry, Continuity Central, Henry Stuart Publications and the U.S. Government that will help keep you current with your business continuity plan.

Business Continuity Best Practices

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