6 Types of Tech Equipment Your Company Should Be Renting

6 Types of Tech Equipment Your Company Should Be Renting

Global small business IT spending reached $600 billion dollars in 2018.

Do you feel like your business is spending too much on technology? What if there was a way to control spending?

You can–by renting technology equipment instead of buying.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out which 6 types of technology equipment you should rent instead of buy. 

Why Should You Rent Your Technology Equipment?

Let’s take a look at the benefits of renting gadgets for your business. 

Have the Latest Technology

You can have the latest technology tools without having to blow through your budget. For instance, you can have the latest computers and high-tech VR headsets.  

When your gadgets become outdated, you can upgrade to the latest models.

Free Up Your Business Budget

You can save money by renting. It depends on how long you need the equipment.

If you just need technology tools for a short while–such as a few days or a few weeks–you should rent them. You can pay only for how long you need the equipment. 

Fixed Price

Another benefit is the control you have over your budget. You can keep track of how much you pay every month. There are no surprises.

With many companies, you can bundle the rental and service fees in one monthly payment. 

Technology Equipment You Should Rent

Here are 6 technology tools to rent. 

1. VR Headsets

The virtual reality market is projected to be worth $15.6 billion by 2020. More businesses are showing interest in this rapidly growing market.

You can amaze your audience at your next product demonstration with VR headsets. 

2. Laptops

Imagine spending thousands of dollars on new laptops. After a few years, those laptops become obsolete. Instead of being able to upgrade to newer models, you’re stuck with a bunch of old laptops. 

By renting, you’re not stuck, and you have the freedom to upgrade.

3. Monitor

A flatscreen monitor can be a great tool for meetings or presentations. The presenter can use visuals to get their point across. 

Plus, a monitor is also much easier to set up than a projector. It has less moving parts, and you just need to connect your laptop to it.

4. Printers/Copiers

Every office needs a multipurpose tool that will print, copy, scan, fax, and more. You can spend a small fortune on one, or you can rent it. 

5. Tablets

Tablets are a versatile tool for your small business. You can use a tablet in the office for visitors to digitally sign in or fill out information. 

At trade shows and conferences, you can use tablets to present information or get visitors’ information. 

6. Charging Station Kiosks

Want to be the most popular booth at your next conference? You can rent a kiosk with a cell phone charging station.

You can offer the charging station to conference participants. They can take a break and charge their phones while learning about your business.

Learn More About Renting Technology

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