5 Technology Initiatives to Consider in 2018

5 Technology Initiatives to Consider in 2018

Regardless the size, all businesses implement technology for three basic reasons:

  1. To drive process improvements
  2. Improve workforce productivity and/or
  3. Boost company profitability.

According to Inc., there are five technologies you should take a closer look at to drive one or more of these business objectives.

2018 Technology Initiatives to Consider

  1. Unified Communication (UC)
    This is the integration of a business’ communication services that allows:

    1. Instant messaging
    2. Email
    3. Voicemail
    4. Video conferencing
    5. Desktop sharing
    6. Collaboration tools

    This integrated service enables organizations to work as one platform and allow for maximum collaboration between employees, partners, vendors and clients.

    According to Frost & Sullivan, collaboration has become a critical determinant of a business’s success. Implementing the right tools, such as Office 365, Google Drive, Cisco Spark and large screen monitor rentals should be evaluated to see if they fit into your UC implementation plans.

  2. Cybersecurity It isn’t enough to put malware prevention on each of your computers and call it a day. It is important to hire a firm to assess, monitor and alert you to any problems. As we have learned from the Equifax breach, not only can confidential, personal data be breached in a hack, but your company’s brand and reputation can be severely damaged in the process.
    This is the time to write, review and train all employees about your cybersecurity policy. Make sure your computer operating systems and apps are all up-to-date. Hire a cybersecurity company to complete a full audit of your network and correct all your vulnerabilities. Consider hiring cybersecurity talent or an outside firm to continuously monitor your system.
  3. Mobile Devices
    According to a recent SOTI survey, 49% of their respondents believe it would be impossible to complete their work without mobile devices. Which means, if you have resisted a BYOD policy, perhaps this is the year to implement one. Or if your company wants to lease or own mobile devices, stock up on tablet rentals for testing purposes.
  4. PrintersEven though you may think printing is on the way out, it is estimated the average office worker still prints roughly 10,000 pages per year or 830 pages per month. In addition, between 40-60% of IT help desk calls are printer-related.
    If you own older printers that are constantly breaking down, this can be a big stressor on your employees especially if they are trying to send out billing or print end-of-month reports. If you are unsure which printer your organization needs, perhaps printer rentals are in your future. In addition, renting can take the trouble shooting burden off your IT staff and place it squarely on the rental organization.
  5. Virtual Reality
    Even though VR has primarily been used for games; more and more organizations are finding relevant usage to develop new products and services, sell a destination or even give employees a gaming break.

Hartford Technology Rental Can Help with Your Tech Initiatitives

The key to choosing the right technology is to match its capabilities with your business objectives. If you want help choosing the right technology platform, we are here 24/7 at 888-520-5667 to answer all your technology questions.