2016 Technology Trends to Stop Watching

2016 Technology Trends to Stop Watching

Whether you are a technology lover or hater, or fall somewhere in between, there is no doubt that this is the year of choices. From mobile apps to virtual reality, 2016 represents the year you need to be resolute about understanding technology and finally implementing it.

Here are four technology trends that BizBash identified as “up and coming” for 2016. So, stop watching these trends! It’s time to take action and start using these tech trends to your advantage for business and events.

Think Mobile First

Everyone has been talking about mobile apps and web responsive requirements for the last two years, but now the shift has focused from how the data is displayed on the desktop first and the mobile device second, to the other way around. Since research states about 85% of emails are read and web searches conducted on smartphones, it is vital that your event messaging appear clear and engaging on the tiny screen.

Most web developers and email campaign providers will give you a preview function to let you know how your content is displayed on a desktop, smartphone and even in different email applications. Make certain you constantly review your content in those modes before approving web pages or sending out your email campaign to ensure maximum attendee engagement.

Integration of Consumer Apps

While many individuals have been using on-demand and ease-of-use apps for a long time (think Uber, Netflix and Instagram), there will be a transition of these functionalities to business this year. Here are 4 apps that BizBash says you need to watch, especially as they enter more cities:

  • UberEvents, prepay rides for your guests to and from a venue, perfect for a company event or conference outing.
  • Blue Apron, specialty ingredients that are fresher than the supermarket with meats naturally raised on antibiotic- and hormone-free diets and shipped anywhere in the US.
  • Luxe for Business, on-demand employee parking across the city, seven days a week.
  • Shyp, the ability to have your packages picked up, packaged, and sent for the lowest price.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Simply put, this is the concept of basically connecting any device with an “on and off” switch to the Internet and ultimately, to each other. This includes everything from mobile devices, audio visual rentals, wearable devices and almost anything else you can think of.

What’s holding us back right now? While many things are connected to the Internet, the ability to connect to each other is prohibited by closed operating systems and app development by each vendor. For example, Apple devices can’t currently talk to Samsung interfaces across the board. However, the day is coming very soon for IoT because individuals are demanding seamless technology integration between devices.

Virtual Reality

You will probably never go to Mars, swim with dolphins, or sing onstage with the Rolling Stones, but with virtual reality (the ability to be completely immersed in an environment), you will be able to do all of this without leaving your office, an event or even the trade show floor.

For the first time, you will have at least four different technology options when it comes to VR, all with their different advantages and disadvantages. Having the ability immerse your prospect or client into your product or services world, even when they may be halfway around the world, can be a very powerful selling tool.

2016 Trends … Hartford Technology Rental is Ready

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