Virtual Reality Rental

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality Rental

Hartford Technology now has virtual reality headset rentals available. It's taken awhile for VR technology to overcome the technical challenges, but the VR gear today is finally making virtual reality a reality. While the latest technology is still new, the capabilities are endless. We provide a full array of virtual reality technology including headsets, motion trackers, gloves and the backend hardware whether it’s an iPhone or gaming-level PC. So why order virtual reality rentals?

Virtual Reality Rental Solutions

Virtual reality gear can be expensive especially if you want to reach a larger audience rather than just a few people. In these cases our virtual reality rental solution is the perfect option that will allow you to expand your audience and is a great option when you want to immerse your customers in your product or service.

Who's Using Virtual Reality Technology?

So who’s using our virtual reality headset rentals? We work with marketing and branding companies who are promoting their client’s products and services by using VR to immerse their audience in the product or service. For example a company that sells vacations. Instead of reading about the island, connect using VR and be magically transported to the destination where you’re able to walk around the resort and take in the views.

Not sure what virtual reality headset rental is the right one? Check out our AR/VR Comparison Guide.

VR Rental

Samsung Gear VR Rental

Samsung Gear VR Rental

It’s never been easier to create a virtual reality environment. Simply pair a compatible Samsung phone with a Samsung Gear VR rental and you will be transported to another world. Discover Samsung Gear VR rental today!


HTC Vive Rental

Offer the experience of room-scale game play with the ability to walk around virtual landscapes with the HTC VIVE Rental. Wire the HTC VIVE to a high-end gaming PC for a fully immersive experience.

Oculus Rift Rental

Oculus Rift Rental

Combine a gaming PC with Oculus Rift rental to create the ultimate virtual reality experience. Learn more about renting Oculus Rift.

Are you interested in renting virtual reality to showcase your products or services and don’t know where to begin? Consider giving Hartford Technology Rental a call today at 888-520-5667. We’d be happy to share with you, ideas we’ve been involved in and help make your idea become a virtual reality.