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Hartford was the first rental company in the country to offer virtual reality headset rentals. It’s taken awhile for VR technology to overcome the technical challenges, but the VR gear for rent today is finally making virtual reality a reality. While the latest technology is still new, the capabilities are endless. We provide a full array of vr rental packages including headsets, motion trackers, gloves and the backend hardware whether it’s an iPhone or gaming PC.

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Rent VR Headsets

When you rent virtual reality equipment, it can be expensive especially if you want to reach a larger audience rather than just a few people. In these cases, our virtual reality rental solution is the perfect option that will allow you to expand your audience and is a great choice when you want to immerse your customers in your product or service. We offer all the major VR headsets and can pre-load your experience prior to delivery. Need help running your event? We can provide trained technicians to assist onsite at your event. If you’re looking for augmented reality headsets, take a look at our mixed reality page for more info on the headsets we offer.

HTC Vive & Vive Pro | Oculus Rift & Rift S | Oculus Go | Oculus Quest | Samsung Gear VR

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After you decide on which virtual reality equipment rental you want, you’re probably going to need some additional gear. We’ve got everything you need to complete your VR rental packages. Don’t see what you need? Simply add it to the comments section of our quick quote form.

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Virtual Reality Rental Features

Virtual Reality Rental Features

Our VR rental kits have everything you need for an immersive 3D experience.

Best Daily/Weekly/Monthly VR rental rates
Tripods are included for lightbox equipped HMDs
Quick Start Guides
Sanitary masks included

Customized Services

Customized Services

Leave it to us to prep your virtual reality headset rental order:

Pre-load your experiences
24/7 technical support
Onsite technicians available
Synchronized 360 VR options


Why rent VR?

Virtual Reality Rentals | HTR

If you haven’t put on a virtual reality headset and experienced the immersive 360 experience that VR provides, I strongly encourage you to try it. More than just words on a page or images on a screen, VR can substantially raise the marketing bar for organizations by offering a truly unique way for your audience to be immersed in your product or service to the point where they can almost feel it. Oh yeah and the games available to play are awesome! Once you experience it, the possibilities are endless. Here’s a few examples of experiences our customers have used when renting VR equipment.

Showcasing a new product
Instead of looking at a car online, imagine being able to virtually walk around it, open the doors and look inside or even take it for a virtual test drive. No other medium lets you do that.

Raising awareness of a situation
Maybe you’re trying to raise awareness of the plight in a 3rd world country. Pictures can’t compare to a VR experience where you put your audience in that landscape, where they can walk around and truly experience what is going on thousands of miles away in a distant land.

Shopping in VR
VR is taking online shopping to the next level. Virtually walk through a store in real-time and see what’s on the racks.

VR can revolutionize education in all fields by making field trips and simulations of complicated concepts accessible to people of all ages. VR can make cognitive learning faster, more effective and efficient. Medical students are starting to use VR headsets in training for surgeries, and by taking CAT scans and ultrasounds to construct 3D models of patient’s anatomy to determine the safest way to handle difficult procedures.

VR is a great way to train employees on manufacturing processes or repairs. The military is using VR to train soldiers for combat using replicated environments before they are deployed. Trade services, such as electricians and plumbers, are beginning to use VR to practice repairs.

These are just a few of the ways customers are using VR today. The limits of virtual reality are nearly boundless but the immersive nature of VR provides the closest experience to actually doing it. This is something that books or basic videos can’t provide.

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Why rent VR headset from Hartford?

As the first in the country to offer VR rentals, we’ve got the experience in working with many customers since VR became a viable option. Not only that, we’ve got the largest virtual reality inventory that gives us the ability to handle very large virtual reality events. We have the resources to provide everything you need in a complete kit including professional onsite technicians to ensure your virtual reality event goes off without a hitch. This is all backed by 24/7 service and our best VR rental cost guarantee. By partnering with Hartford, you get all of this and more.

Are you wondering “where is virtual reality near me?” No need to wonder. With our main distribution locations in major metropolitan cities, Chicago, Washington DC, New York and Los Angeles, we offer same day delivery (in most cases) and delivery nationwide within 24 hours.

When you’re ready to rent VR equipment, please give us call us at 888-520-5667 and let’s talk about the details of your upcoming 360 event.

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  • Pricing is always a challenge for us in the event technology space but Hartford is great to work with and will price match and negotiate to meet the clients needs when necessary. I would whole heartedly recommend Hartford to anyone as a dependable partner for event and technology needs in any situation.
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