DLP Projector Rental

Projector Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

Whether you are giving a PowerPoint presentation for 12 in a conference room or want to project a high-definition video at a major convention center for thousands, we offer projectors for rent. Our projector rental inventory is top-of-the-line and includes LCD projectors, digital overheads, large venue projectors, and 3D projectors.

Projectors for Rent

We stock the latest in projection rental technology and can match it up with your computer equipment, or ours, in one of our local offices. That way, when the room is full and the lights dim, you’ll be ready.

Meeting Room Projector Rental

Meeting Room Projector Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

Rent a meeting room projector with wireless presenters and built-in laser pointers to give you everything you would need to conduct a presentation.

Large Venue Projector Rental

Large Venue Projector Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

At up-to-20,000 lumens of power and full HD compatibility, these projectors truly excel in reproducing bright, vivid images that deliver emotion and excitement to an audience in a large room. When you want to convey your message across a building, take a look at some of our most popular large venue projector rentals and imagine the possibilities.

3D Projector Rental

3D Projector Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

Take your audience to the 3rd dimension and watch your presentation come to life with amazing detail that literally pops off the screen. We supply both passive and active 3D projectors for rent.

Digital Presenter Rental

Digital Presenter Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

Our HD full motion digital presenter rental takes real world materials and make presentations more diverse, realistic and vivid, making them an ideal choice for courtrooms.

With so many projectors for rent, which one to choose? Let us help you figure it out. Complete the Projector Request form or contact us at 888-520-5667 to speak with our Sales Team.