Shure SCM-820 Auto Mixer Rental

The Shure SCM-820 8-channel automatic audio mixer rental offers natural-sounding speech from multiple microphones. Ideal for recording events.



When your production demands seamless, natural-sounding speech from multiple microphones, look no further than Shure SCM-820 digital automatic mixer. When you rent this innovative 8-channel audio mixer, you can use its IntelliMix technology to dramatically improve audio quality especially when multiple microphone channels need to operate simultaneously. In addition, Shure’s automatic mixer offers convenient Ethernet connectivity and versatile configuration options. This digital auto mixer rental is designed to be used for speech applications including recording, broadcasting or sound reinforcement.


  • 8 Channel Mixer
  • Comprehensive Networking Capabilities
  • IntelliMix Technology + 5 Mixer Mode Presets
  • Enhanced I/O Support to ensure analog and digital connectivity between devices
  • Digital Feedback Reduction
  • Dante Digital Audio