Sachtler V-18 Tripod Rental

Rent the Sachtler 18 Tripod for 16 steps of counterbalance and 7 steps of pan/tilt drag adjustments, which can be controlled with a detachable right-side pan bar. With a slide-in balancing plate on the fluid head, the Sachtler tripod rental adapts well to a variety of rig configurations and is ideal for professional cinema cameras and broadcast camcorders.



When you need a video tripod system that fit into a wide range of video productions, look no further than renting the Sachtler Video 18 Tripod, offering S2 Fluid Head and flowtech® 100 MS Carbon Fiber. With sixteen steps of counterbalance and seven steps of pan and tilt drag, along with locks for each axis, you can easily customize the response of the Video 18 S2 rental to fit your need at an event, studio or field production. The Sachtler tripod rental offers Touch & Go quick release camera plate and sliding balance platform features which mean that once you’ve clicked your camera into place, the entire platform adjusts to balance your setup.

Renting a Sachtler Video 18 System gives you quick setup, easy transport, support and stability for your shoot. The tripod design gives each leg individual adjustment while releasing and locking together which means set up on any surface is as easy as releasing a catch. The Sachtler tripod rental is light and comfortable to carry, and gives you the versatility and flexibility you need in any production environment.