GoPro Omni 360 VR Camera


GoPro Omni Spherical Rig (6) HERO4 Black Cameras, (6) 32GB microSD Cards/Readers, Smart Remote, USB Hub, HyperCore 98S Battery, Charger, V-Mount Battery Plate/Clamp, Shipping Case.

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When you need to produce high-resolution content with stunning image quality, the GoPro Omni rental makes sense. Not only does it offer spherical content capture, but the GoPro 360 VR camera can be used to “over capture” traditional content like images or videos, which can then be extracted from any perspective.

One advantage of the GoPro Omni is its proprietary hardware, which enables all 6 cameras talk to each other and act as one. Each camera connects to the GoPro 360 mount through a port on the back of the camera, and one acts as a master control camera. When you turn on the master camera, all the others start up and any change happens simultaneously across all the cameras.

With a GoPro Omni rental, the 6 camera array records at the same moment, keeping each video stream synchronized. This makes stitching in post-production easier and more precise. Plus, the Omni camera works with Kolor video-stitching software which makes this a complete end-to-end content creation solution.