Czur Book Scanner Rental

Rent CZUR ET16 document scanner that can scan books, documents and objects in high quality within minutes. The book scanner rental can digitize books without unbinding them, using innovative curve flattening technology, and can convert them to searchable PDF and editable Word via OCR. The CZUR ET16 features a 16MP sensor, 4608×3456 resolution and max scanning size of 11.7″ x 16.5″



Rent Czur ET16 document scanner offering a fast digitizer built for all your scanner needs up to size A3. It can scan 2 pages from a book or documents in high quality in 1.5 seconds. Any document you need scanned from a thick book to a contract can be digitized with the Czur book scanner rental. And, you don’t have to unbind them! This versatile book scanner rental features innovative curve flattening technology giving your digital pages a clean look every time. The scanned document appears on your computer, so you can edit the information, convert it to searchable PDF, editable Word document or keep it as an easy to read digital copy.