Canon XJ86x9.3B IE-II HD Box Lens Rental

Rent Canon DIGISUPER 86II, a field lens that features the revolutionary HDTV auto focus technology with an ultra-high zoom ratio of 86x, and improved wide angle of 9.3mm that still maintains the size equivalent to that of current SDTV lenses. The box lens rental offers top of the line optical performance and ease of operation due to its image stabilizer. The unique Power Optical system and X-Element make it possible to maintain high optical quality and virtually eliminate aberrations. The built-in Optical Shift Image Stabilizer found in the Canon box lens rental overcomes image shaking at telephoto focal length. With its CAFS (Constant Angle Focusing System), when focus is operated, the angle of view is maintained by synchronizing zoom movement.



The DIGISUPER 86IIis an extraordinary field lens available for rent. It features Canon’s new optical design concept “POWER OPTICAL SYSTEM” and ” -Element”. With Canon’s advanced lens technology and design, the XJ86 camera lens rental provides the necessary optical performance for HDTV, with increased zoom ratio of 86x, improved wide angle of 9.3mm while still maintaining the size equivalent to that of current SDTV lenses. The Canon HD lens rental offers high contrast and sharp HD images supported by a range of technological innovations and features. Canon?s advanced lens technology and design ensures the images you capture are of the highest quality.