Anchor AN-135+ Monitor Speaker Rental

The Anchor Audio AN-135+ 30 Watt Speaker Monitor is a speaker designed for use with a projector, computer, or DVD player in a classroom or conference room environment. A 30 watt power output provides sufficient volume for groups of up to 100 people.



The Anchor audio AN-135BK+ monitor speaker rental offers a lightweight system that provides a powerful 103 dB of sound to fill a small conference or meeting room. The compact speaker system is designed to project clear, intelligible speech for audiences up to 100. It is easy-to-use and offers three inputs: 1/4″ line-in, and 3.5 mm line-in & line-out. AV professionals can switch the speaker monitor rental on, adjust the volume, treble and base, and the system is ready to go. The AN-135+ can be mounted on a stand, wall/ceiling or placed on a shelf.

Anchor Speaker Monitor Features:

  • 1/4″ line-in jack
  • 3.5mm line-in/line-out jacks
  • 30 watt amplifier
  • 4.5″ Woofer and 10mm Dome Tweeter
  • AC Powered Only

For corporate presentations, rent Anchor audio speaker monitors for a rich, full-frequency sound in a compact enclosure.