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PC Laptop Rentals | HTRIf you need to rent laptops, we’ve got you covered! We have thousands of name-brand PC laptops available with a lot of models in the hundreds. Our extensive rental inventory allows us to offer businesses and events the right PC laptop rental to meet their computing needs.

Our essential line of HP laptops with dual-core processor is just what you need for basic computing. If you need something a bit more robust, then our mid-range laptops fit the bill. These business laptop rentals offer a robust line-up of features with a power-efficient quad core processor, advanced manageability and durability. We also rent performance laptops like the Dell 3590 that offers faster processing speed; even more RAM and better graphics.

When business professionals need a portable, slim, lightweight computing device, we carry ultralight laptop rentals like the Lenovo X1 Carbon. This touchscreen Ultrabook for business offers Intel Core technology for high performance and seamless responsiveness for mobile productivity.

Finally, if you need the power of a server in the size of a laptop, the Dell and Lenovo mobile workstation rental fits the bill. Renting mobile workstations for business provides high-powered processing speed, high performance graphics and the ultimate in reliability.

All of our PC laptop rentals include a clean install of Windows 10 with the latest updates and antivirus software. We can provide custom imaging and also carry a wide range of accessories.

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When you need to rent a PC laptop with the latest technology, give us a call today at 888-520-5667 or request a quote online. Our Sales staff will help you select the right model for your next project.