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Our microphone rental inventory is stocked with industry-leading brands like Shure and DPA Microphones, and includes wired, wireless and headset mics. In addition, our technology rental equipment is extensive which allows us to provide AV professionals with the right audio and video equipment to make their production a success.

Take a look at our microphone rentals and find the perfect solution for your event.

Microphone Rental Lineup

Wired Microphone Rentals

Shure SM58 Microphone Rental

Microphone Rental | HTRThe legendary Shure SM58® vocal microphone is designed for professional vocal use in live performance, sound reinforcement, and studio recording. Its tailored vocal response for sound is a world standard for singing or speech.

Gooseneck Microphone Rentals

When you rent the MX412 and MX418 Gooseneck microphone, you can expect great sound and reliable performance without noise or distraction. The Microflex microphone provides the added length (12 inch or 18 inch desktop base with 10’ cable) and flexibility demanded by speakers in environments like lecterns on large-sized stages. Its microphone cartridges are specifically designed to capture human voice so the speaker comes through loud and clear. Plus, the Shure Commshield® built into the MX412 and MX418 microphone rejects RF interference from smart phones, keeping the focus on the spoken audio. When your production demands excellence, renting the Gooseneck microphone is the right choice! It delivers precise audio for any sized room.

Headset Microphone Rentals

Directional Headset Mic by DPA

Microphone Rental | HTRAre you looking for the industry standard in professional headset mics? The DPA 4088 directional headset microphone is what you need and is now available to rent from our AV division! The headset microphone rental delivers the same sound whether the person is looking up, down, straight ahead or to the side. It can be positioned close to the mouth which means a strong, natural sound with fewer feedback problems. This makes it perfect for demanding live performance environments where background noise and feedback are concerns.

The miniature cardioid headband microphone rental is designed for low profile use on stage, is lightweight and offers a secure, comfortable fit. The directional mic is available in beige or black, and can easily be mounted on the left or right.

Wireless Microphone Rentals

Shure Wireless Mic Rental

Our wireless microphone kit by Shure includes both, wireless handheld and lavaliere.

Shure ULX-D Wireless Kit Rental

Microphone Rental | HTRThe ULX-D by Shure is a breakthrough digital wireless system that incorporates a collection of technological innovations into one easy-to-use professional wireless system, making it the perfect solution for large conferences and conventions. The rental kit gives you 24-bit digital audio and the wide frequency response to capture sound as clearly and accurately as it was produced. The digital wireless microphone kit is secure, durable, offers scalable hardware solutions and intelligent battery technology.

We offer the following Shure ULX-D Kit Rental with the G50 frequency range of 470 to 534 MHz:

  • Shure ULXD G50 Single Wireless Kit
  • Shure ULXD G50 Dual Wireless Kit (Dante compatible)
  • Shure ULXD G50 Quad Wireless Kit (Dante compatible)
  • Custom Build Configurations Available

Shure AD4D and AD4Q Axient Kit Rental

Dual Channel and Quad Channel

When your professional production demands flawless execution, it’s time to rent the Shure Axient AD4 series wireless receiver kit. Part of the Axient Digital line, the dual and quad channel receiver offers signal stability, audio clarity, flexible hardware options, advanced connectivity and comprehensive control. The AD4 series receiver operates in a single 166-MHz ultra-wide bandwidth that encompasses the entire usable UHF range from 470 to 636 MHz to ensure solid performance in the most challenging RF environments. When you are involved in a live production or large corporate event, your system needs to provide an unrivaled sound for a wide range of applications and settings; the Axient dual and quad channel receiver rental kit by Shure gives you everything you need to pull off the perfect execution.

We offer the following wireless receiver rentals:

  • Shure AD4D Two Channel Digital Wireless Receiver: (Dante Compatible
  • Shure AD4Q Four Channel Digital Wireless Receiver: (Dante Compatible
  • Custom Build Configurations Available

Shure ADX1 Bodypack Transmitter Rental (G57)

Microphone Rental | HTRWe now rent the ADX1 wireless bodypack transmitter that is part of Shure’s Axient Digital series. The Shure transmitter rental packs industry-leading digital wireless technology into a slim, light bodypack design.  With its durable construction, the Axient transmitter offers up to 184 MHz tuning range, interference protection, advanced control menu and removable antenna. Set the stage for exceptional performance when you rent the wireless bodypack transmitter by Shure.

Shure ADX2/K8B Handheld Transmitter Rental (G57)

Microphone Rental | HTRRent the Shure ADX2/K8B handheld transmitter for your next live production or corporate event. Compatible with the Axient Digital wireless system, the lightweight aluminum handheld microphone transmitter rental delivers impeccable audio quality and RF performance.  Its sleek design also features wide tuning to 184 MHz, high density (HD) mode, encryption and interference avoidance.

Rent Axient Wireless Accessories

AXT600 Axient Spectrum Manager

Microphone Rental | HTRWhen it is critical to have real-time feedback about what’s going on within the wireless spectrum, the Shure AXT600 Spectrum Manager needs to be part of your equipment rack. The single rack unit allows audio professionals to scan and analyze the global UHF spectrum (470 to 952 MHz) in about one minute. Plus, the Spectrum Manager continuously monitors the wireless spectrum, evaluates signal integrity and displays backup frequencies, all in real time. The 1RU UHF Spectrum Analyzer rental is compatible with Axient Digital wireless as well as other Shure networked wireless systems.

AXT630 Axient Antenna Distribution System

Microphone Rental | HTRThe Axient antenna distribution system delivers an ultra-linear amplification and precision filtering for optimal performance in the most difficult RF environments. The AXT630 distribution system rental features selectable 60 MHz input filters that match the available frequency bands of Axient transmitters. It also provides extra protection from strong out-of-band signals and a lower overall RF noise floor. BNC outputs (4 antenna output pairs) distribute filtered signal to receivers, and an unfiltered RF cascade port is included to connect wideband devices like the Axient Spectrum Manager.

Partner with AV Expert

Do you need help selecting the right microphone for your production? Give our AV team a call at 888-520-5667 or contact us to rent a wireless microphone. We will put our audio experience to work for you in selecting the right equipment to make your next event a success!