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WiFi Hotspot Rentals Raleigh

Rent WiFi Hotspots Raleigh

If you’re asking the question “Where can I get a WiFi hotspot rental near me?” and you’re in Raleigh, the answer is Hartford Technology Rental – with a nearby distribution center in Maryland. If you’re looking for a company that can provide quality equipment and technical support that answers the phone and rates that won’t break the bank, you’ve come to the right place. Hartford carries a wide range of wireless Internet rental products for up to 500 devices in Raleigh.

Feel free to call us nationwide, toll free at: 888-520-5667

WiFi Hotspot Rental Lineup

Our nationwide offices carry a full line of wireless Internet products that includes aircard rentals, Verizon hotspot rentals, Cradle Point router rentals and for very large events, our Freedom WiFi rental product that can handle 250 devices. All of our wireless Internet rentals are powered by the Nation’s number one carrier Verizon Wireless.

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Along with our wireless Internet and hotspot rental items, our nationwide offices have everything you’ll need to make choosing Hartford your one stop shop for your short-term project and at unbeatable prices.

The Hartford difference

There are lots of vendors to choose from so why get wireless Internet rentals in Raleigh from Hartford?

Our nationwide offices will ship directly to Raleigh or half way across the country.  Why does that matter?  Well if you’ve got an event do you really want to have to worry if the shipper has the logistical experience deliver your hotspot rental on time?  What if there’s a problem?  Renting hotspots in Raleigh from HTR is always the best choice.

With nationwide offices, we understand the pressures customers face working in a big cities like Raleigh.  Combine that with the nature of short-term events and projects and you’ll find there’s a lot of pressure to perform.  On top of that you have a budget to consider.  We want to help take some of that pressure off you and help you stay within your budget.

We’re all about service

  • Technical sales reps
  • Expertly maintained equipment
  • We’re available 24/7

Benefits of renting Verizon hotspots in Raleigh from Hartford

  • Best Daily/Weekly/Monthly hotspot rental prices in Raleigh
  • Multiple data plans available
  • Rentals to handle from 1 to 250 devices

As our tag line says “Not Just Equipment”.  While we love technology it’s the really a service that we’re selling.  You and your event are important to us.  We don’t see ourselves as a vendor but a partner with a vested interest in making sure the event we’re working on with you is a successful one.  Over 96% of our business comes from repeat customers.

When you need to rent a hotspot in Raleigh, North Carolina and you want the equipment to be top notch and the support to be 24/7, that’s when you want to call us. We are the premier company for wifi hotspot rentals in Raleigh.  Give us a call today at 888-520-5667 and find out for yourself why we’re “Not Just Equipment”.