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Chromebook Rentals Orlando

Short Term Chromebook Rental Orlando

Have you asked “Where can I get a Chromebook rental near me?” and you are in Orlando, Florida? The answer is Hartford Technology Rental. We ship direct to your home, school or office from our convenient south eastern Distribution Center. At Hartford we work with your plans and specialize in flexibility. You can rent a Chromebook on a daily, weekly or monthly basis – or for however long you need. Do you need to rent Chromebooks for remote learning or educational programming in Orlando? Ask about our custom imaging solution that can have all of your bookmarks, applications and classwork pre-installed prior to delivery. With expert technical and logistical support starting with your very first phone call to HTR, we will deliver your Chromebook on time, ready to go from the moment you hit the power button, all within your budget goals. 

Feel free to call or email us today for a quick quote and fast delivery of your Chromebook.

Phone: 888-520-5667

Chromebook Rental Lineup

Our Orlando area order distribution supply boasts an impressive list of Chromebook rental options. Whether you need a very basic, mid level or high-end Chromebook laptop in Orlando chances are we stock it. All Chromebooks are from premium brand manufacturers such as Asus, Dell, HP, Samsung and more. Looking for a unit with more memory, additional storage or a cellular enabled device? We can customize the Chromebook to your exact specifications. Chromebooks include the latest Google Chrome OS, external mouse and mouse pad. Depending on your work site, we’ll also include a carrying case or if you’re renting Chromebooks in bulk, we’ll provide multi-unit convenient shipping containers.

Related Products

When renting Chromebooks, you may need supplementary gear for your short-term Chromebook rental. Our Orlando area distribution office has everything from internal to external hardware making Hartford a one stop shop experience and our Chromebook rental rates can’t be lower. Can’t find what tech you want? Simply talk with us about what you’re looking for in the comments section of one of our quick quote forms and we’ll call you right away.

The Hartford difference

There are lots of suppliers to choose from so why rent Chromebooks in Orlando from the team at Hartford? 

Our south eastern Distribution Center is a short trip away and ready to serve you quickly and efficiently. Why does that matter? Well, if you’ve got an upcoming event do you really want to risk the shipper delivering your Chromebooks on time? Renting Chromebooks in Orlando from Hartford Technology Rentals is always the most reliable option and we’re a phone call away if you need troubleshooting or any other help.

By working with our clients all over the Sunshine State of Florida and the city of Orlando, we understand the pressures customers face working in one of the largest destination cities in the country. Combine that with the fast paced nature of short-term event hosting and you’ll find there’s a lot of areas you have to perform in. And don’t forget that you have a budget to account for.  We want to help take some of that pressure off you and help you satisfy your financial objectives. 

We’re all about service

  • Fully tested and prepped Chromebooks
  • Custom imaging available
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Networking expertise

Benefits of renting Chromebooks in Orlando from Hartford

  • Best Daily/Weekly/Monthly Chromebook rental prices in Orlando
  • Extended inventory of the same models
  • Complete array of complimentary products
  • Next day delivery in most cases

As our tag line says: “Not Just Equipment”. While we love our gear it’s really the service that we’re selling. You and your technology needs are important to us. But we don’t see ourselves as a vendor but as your partner with a vested commitment to making sure the project we’re working on together is a successful one. Our dedication to customers has paid off. Over 96% of our business comes from repeat clientele.

When you are ready to rent Chromebooks in Orlando, call us at 888-520-5667 to talk to one of our highly trained sales professionals. We can help you determine which Chromebook rental in Orlando is right for you. Our techs and sales people are experts in tech and can quickly help you select the Chromebook that does everything you need at a price that will blow you away.