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The Moscone Center Event Rentals [Lowest Rates Guaranteed]

Moscone Center Event Equipment Rentals

The Moscone Center Trade Show Rentals

As a national rental company with local inventory near the George R. Moscone Convention Center, HTR has what you need whether you’re hosting an event, exhibiting at a tradeshow or attending a convention.  Our local inventory includes state of the art audio visual rental gear, computer rentals, laptop rentals, a big selection of premium 4K TVs and touch screen rentals, tablet rental for trade shows, 4G and 5G hotspot rentals and so much more.  We offer fast delivery and setup right to your booth.

Moscone Center Conference & Expo Services

When you need to rent computer or AV equipment at The George R. Moscone Convention Center turn to Hartford Technology Rentals.  As a national rental company with local inventory near the George R. Moscone Convention Center, we stock a range of professional audiovisual gear and computing gear in bulk quantities.  Our expert technical staff is experienced in supporting both conferences and expositions.  Be sure to ask about our cost-effective breakout room packages that include everything you need from screens to projectors to sound systems.  When it comes to service, we provide local setup and support technicians with 24/7 support to ensure your event goes perfectly.

The Moscone Center Rental Prices

When it comes to rental rates, you’re going to love ours. In fact we guarantee it. If you are using the in-house AV provider, get your wallet ready. The in-house provider has to markup all of the equipment rental costs an additional 40%+. This markup is what they pay the venue. We don’t have to pay the venue so we don’t have to charge you the markup.

So you now you might be thinking of using an out-of-town vendor. While they don’t have to charge you the venue markup they do have another hidden fee which is the added cost of shipping. That can get expensive especially if they’re coming from across the country. Now your out-of-town vendor may try to avoid the shipping expense by sub-renting the gear from a local rental vendor. If that’s the case, here’s a good chance your vendor will be sub-renting the equipment from us. If they do this, they’ll typically markup our rates by 40% or even more and you find yourself right back to where you started and might as well use the The Moscone Center in-house AV.

It’s amazing sometimes how many middlemen can cause event prices to spiral out of control. By partnering with HTR, you can cut out all of the middlemen and start saving. Find a price better than ours, send us the quote and we won’t match it, we’ll beat it.

When you need to rent Equipment at The The Moscone Center turn to HTR

For your next event or tradeshow booth at the George R. Moscone Convention Center, give us a call at 888-520-5667.

Frequently Rented Products for Event & Tradeshows at The Moscone Center:

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