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Short Term Scanner Rental Maryland

Is it time to free up storage space in your office? Or is your business trying to go paperless? Whatever the reason, a quality scanner rental can create digital images of document files. Renting a document scanner offers professionals the ability to sort, send, file and manage all their paper documents with ease. Plus, you can view all your documents online and remotely.

Since converting documents is typically a one-time project, it makes sense to rent document scanner for the short-term rather than purchasing the hardware. We carry a range of high capacity rental scanners with feeders from the world’s leading manufacturers like Ricoh, Fujitsu, Canon, Contex and others. Deciding on the right high speed scanner rental can be difficult but our professional sales team is here to help you sort out the details.

Rent Scanners of Your Choice

When renting a scanner, you’ve got a lot of options to choose from. From small mobile scanners that are great for professionals on the go, mid-range models that are perfect for small jobs, high-speed models to capture large amounts of documents for production scanning to wide format scanners for architectural and engineering size documents, look no further than Hartford to handle your rental scanner needs. We’ve got them all and they’re well-maintained. All devices include the installation software to get you up and running.

Canon | Contex | Epson | Fujitsu | HP | Ricoh

Maryland State Rental Cities Served

Maryland State is a big area and home to a diverse group of businesses and organizations. We’ve supported many of them in these popular cities.


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Now that you’ve decided on a scanner to rent, you may need a few other items to complete your project. Typical add-ons you might want to consider are desktops, laptops, external storage drives and don’t forget about a shredder. Once all of your documents are digital you can securely discard paper documents with our security level 3 cross-cut shredders. If you don’t see what you need, let us know in the comments section of the quick quote form.


Document Scanner Rental Features

Our inventory has the models with the features you need.

  • Best Daily/Weekly/Monthly scanner rental pricing
  • All models scan in color and b/w
  • Automatic document feeders and duplex
  • Large format 36″ and 42″ models

Customized Services

If you don’t have the resources to tackle an imaging project, let us do it for you.

  • Experienced technicians to operate the scanner at your site
  • Scanned at your site or back at our site
  • Secure destruction of scanned documents
  • Deliverable in external drive or DVD
  • Available in select areas only

Renting Scanners 101

When you’ve made the decision to rent a scanner, the next step in the process is deciding upon which one? That can be a difficult decision but don’t worry; we’re just a phone call away. We rent scanners daily to various organizations throughout the country and we’re happy to share our experience to provide you the right solution. Here are some simple guidelines to get you started in choosing the right rental scanner. Please note that you cannot determine the correct scanner to rent by just answering one question. There’s more to it and oftentimes we find customers wanting to rent a high-speed scanner because they think faster is better but they didn’t take into account that all of their documents are stapled or bound. Due to the prep work involved, they fail to utilize the high-speed scanner’s full potential because they have to keep stopping and un-staple the documents. They ended up spending money on a scanner that they never could fully take advantage of.

  • What do you need to scan?
    Are all documents 8.5×11 or do you have larger sizes? Are you scanning a bound report or book and need to rent a flatbed scanner?
  • How much do you have to scan?
    As a general rule there are about 150 sheets per inch. Using this calculation, a As a general rule there are about 150 sheets per inch. Using this calculation, a standard banker box holds about 2,200 pieces of paper while a typical vertical file cabinet (5 drawers, 26″ deep) holds about 18,000 sheets.
  • What is the condition of the documents?
    You’ll want to get a good idea of what you’ll need to do in order to prep the documents for scanning. Are they stapled, in document jackets, paper clipped? This will tell you how much time you’ll need to spend on prepping the documents for scanning.
  • How many people will work on the scanning project?
    If it’s just one person, depending on the amount and condition of the documents you may be better off with a mid-range scanner as its unlikely the one person will be able to take advantage of the speed a high-speed scanner rental can offer. Now if you have a team of say 2-3 people (one person prepping while the other scans) and you’re on a time crunch the high-speed scanner is the better choice.
  • How much time do you have to complete the scanning project?
    This will also help in determining the best scanner rental option for you.

As you can see there are a lot of factors that go into determining the perfect scanner rental to meet your needs. As a very broad general rule here’s some advice on models.

Low volume scanners are great for small projects of about a case or two paper with a couple weeks to complete the job with one person.

Mid-volume scanners are recommended for projects where you have a three to five banker boxes or a filing cabinet and a month to complete the job with one person.

High-volume scanners are when you’re talking about two or more filing cabinets, a few weeks to complete the job and a team of two people.

While these are very general guidelines, there are so many variables and what we’ve found is each customer is different which is why we recommend finding answers to the above questions and then giving us a call. Our technical sales reps will help you in determining the right document scanner rental for your particular job.

Why rent scanners from Hartford?

There a lot of places in the industry where you can rent scanners but when you have an event with a deadline you need a partner who has the inventory, keeps it well-maintained, provides 24/7 service to back it up and offers a best scanner rental price guarantee, then the only option is Hartford Technology Rental.

With main distribution centers located in Chicago, Washington DC, New York and Los Angeles we can have your rental scanner delivered next day in most cases.

When you’re ready to rent a document scanner, give us a call at 888-520-5667 and a technical sales rep will assist you in finding the best model for your job.