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Short Term Monitor Rental Kentucky

Whether you need to pair your computer rental with a monitor rental or need a TV rental for a day, we can help. We stock a wide array of computer monitor rentals from a 17″ all the way up to show-stopping video wall rentals. Our inventory is stocked with LCD, LED and OLED monitors, including 3D capable displays. All of our monitors can be wall-mounted or used with floor stands.

For your next event or meeting, we will work with you to select the right monitor technology to meet your needs.

Rent monitors of your choice

Maybe you need a standard LCD screen rental as an add-on to your order or you’ll be exhibiting and need a large TV rental for events to stand out from the other booths, we carry those too. All of our monitors are from name brand manufacturers and include HD 1080p and ultra-high definition 4K screen rentals. Depending upon your application and budget we offer both prosumer and commercial grade monitors. The main difference between prosumer and commercial grade are commercial grade displays are designed and manufactured to operate 24/7 whereas prosumer displays are intended for shorter operating hours. For every application, we have a display to meet your needs.

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Kentucky State Rental Cities Served

Kentucky State is a big area and home to a diverse group of businesses and organizations. We’ve supported many of them in these popular cities.

Bowling Green

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Here are some of our Related Products

Once you’ve selected an LCD screen rental, you may be in need of other related products to compliment your order. Whatever type of event you have, we make it easy to be your one stop shop. Can’t find what you need, please let us know in the comments section of the quick quote request form.


HD Monitor rental options

At Hartford you have many monitor rental options to choose from.

Standard monitor rentals
These are business class monitors that are engineered to offer bright displays with great viewing angles. We carry monitor sizes from

Gaming monitor rentals
Gaming monitors significantly differ from standard monitors in two main ways. Standard monitors typically have 60Hz refresh rates while gaming monitors offer refresh rates of 120Hz and 240Hz. The higher the refresh rate signifies the more frames per second. More frames per second will result in much smoother game play.

The other main difference is gaming monitors have a much faster response time. In an Esports tournament, response times can be the difference between winning and losing a game. Response time is expressed in milliseconds and it measures the time it takes for a pixel to change back and forth from being fully active to fully inactive and vice versa. Because gaming monitors have fast response times, they will display your actions almost in real time. You can then respond to in-game actions better and faster.

We carry gaming monitor sizes from 24″ up to 49″ and have large quantities perfect for Esports events.

Prosumer grade large LCD screen rentals
These models are a great option when you need a TV rental for events. While they offer the same resolutions as their commercial grade cousins, they are not designed to be operated 24/7 but typically for events, that’s OK as most events are no more than 8 hours. We carry prosumer models from 40″ up to 90″.

Commercial grade large LCD screen rentals
Also referred to as digital signage rentals, are engineered to operate 24/7 using premium components. These are typically used for events where they need to run all day, every day and are the most reliable large screen rental option. Our digital signage inventory ranges from 40″ to 90″.

Touch screen monitor rentals
Our interactive display rental inventory features sizes from 40″ up to 90″. There are four different types of technologies in use today but the two most common are infrared (IR) and projected-capacitive (PCAP). All of our touch screen rental models incorporate PCAP technology. PCAP technology is typically used in smartphones and tablets. This technology has proven to be more accurate and isn’t affected by bright light that can affect IR touch screens.

Touch screens have gotten a lot smarter over the years that include software allowing you to connect, collaborate and share your ideas with the group effortlessly. A good example is our Microsoft Surface Hub rentals.

Whatever your size, rest assured whatever monitor rental you order, all of our screen rentals go through a thorough inspection process to ensure show quality equipment and are delivered in hard cases with a cable connection kit.

Why rent monitors from Hartford?

There are lots of vendors out there to choose from. What separates Hartford from the rest?

Where can I rent a monitor? We offer monitor rentals through our local distribution centers located in Chicago, Washington DC, New York and Los Angeles and in other areas throughout the US through affiliates that we have well-vetted in advance and have established reciprocal partnerships with. Please note, we only rent to businesses.

When you’re ready to talk, give us call us at 888-520-5667 and learn more about our affordable LCD screen rentals.