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Gaming PCs for Rent

When customers need to rent gaming PCs, they turn to Hartford Technology Rental. The reason is simple. Not only do we offer a variety of the latest gaming PCs for rent but, we own hundreds in our portfolio all backed by our top notch technical support team that’s available 24/7. We make hosting large VR or gaming events possible and affordable. Our low-end gaming computer rental has the latest NVIDIA GTX 1080 graphics card and the latest Intel 6th and 7th generation core i7 processors. With all the power these gaming PCs have, most of them are water-cooled to ensure smooth uninterrupted performance. By the way, not only do our gaming PCs perform fast, they’re futuristic design and custom lighting options offer a cutting-edge look.

All of our gaming PCs are VR-certified. To compliment your order, we also offer a full line of VR headsets. Bundle the headset and gaming PC and save extra.

For gaming events big or small, we’ve got you covered.  We can also customize the software image prior to delivery making it even easier to get on the ground running. Be sure to check out our gaming monitor rental options. We offer both 24” and 27” gaming monitors with extreme refresh rates and response times.

For the best rates on gaming computer rentals, call us today at 888-520-5667 or fill out our quick quote form. We'll get you set up with the hardware and software you need for your next VR or gaming event. Don’t forget to ask about our bulk gaming pc rental discount.

Gaming PC Rental Lineup

MSI Gaming PC Rental MSI Gaming PC Rental Rent the small form factor Aegis gaming PC by MSI. This performance packed machine offers the most advanced graphics cards, refined audio technology and the latest features. Amp up your event with this virtual-reality gaming PC rental.
Zotac Magnus Gaming PC Rental Zotac Magnus Gaming PC Rental | HTR The mini gaming PC rental by Zotac offers extreme performance and its GTX 1080 graphics help create an immersive VR experience. Renting the Magnus gaming PC is the perfect solution to take virtual reality to the next level at your event.
Asus Gaming PC Rental Asus Gaming PC Rental

We now rent the latest Asus Oculus-certified gaming PC's equipped with cutting edge specs. This high performance machine enables users to handle the most demanding tasks, making it the perfect choice for your immersive event.

VR Backpack PC Rental VR Backpack PC Rental - HTR

Are you looking for a mobile solution to working with virtual reality? Look no further! Hartford Technology Rental is now offering HP VR Backpack PC rentals, a powerful wearable VR PC designed specifically for business professionals. This light, comfortable backpack PC lets businesses work, showcase and train employees with virtual reality anywhere.

HP OMEN 880 Gaming PC Rental HP OMEN 880 Gaming PC Rental | HTR

Interested in making a statement at an eGaming event? It is time to check out the HP Omen 880 Desktop. This VR-ready gaming computer is now available to rent from Hartford Technology Rental.