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Special Projects

When you have a demand for computing technology on projects lasting from a month to a year, rental solutions are the way to go. Sometimes, work efforts demand computing power. Whether it be a special research project, a short term internship, a temporary shortage of computers within your department, or any other effort demanding computer or presentation equipment for less than a year, you’ll find a rental solution compelling. Budget priorities change, financing sources come and go, but we’re on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide both service and equipment. Our experienced account executives help determine your needs, configurations and outline special pricing for larger projects. Simplify your life and call us to discuss the options.

Purchasing Alternative

Technology procurement can be a complicated puzzle. But when all of the pieces are put in place, oftentimes rental is the clearest answer.

In this world of rapidly changing technology, constant hardware and software upgrades, constrained budgets, and unreliable funding sources, it’s easy to see why long-term rental solutions are an attractive alternative to purchasing.

Our long-term rentals have a rate of approximately half that of month-to-month rental agreements. When all the factors are considered, long-term rentals might just be the answer to your technology needs.

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