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Computer Camps also called Cyber Camps are very popular for kids who want to take their computer learning to the next level. A lot of the computer camps Hartford provides computer rentals to focus on:

Why do computer camps nationwide choose to rent desktops and laptops from Hartford? There are a lot of good reasons. Here’s just a few.

Large Inventory.
We stock a large inventory of name-brand desktops and laptops for rent and can provide bulk quantities of same models to ensure the same experience for every camper.

We Understand.
With all the computer camps we’ve supported, we have a very good understanding of what goes on at these camps, how they work and can help to make the process of renting computers for camp a turnkey solution.

Without question, the most important aspect of our company. From the time you call us to place an order to throughout the rental period we’re available 24/7.

Onsite Spares.
For large quantities of laptops or desktops, we’ll provide onsite hot-swap spare computers to reduce any interruptions due to unforeseen hardware failures. We also offer next business day overnight delivery of replacement machines as added protection.

Whether you need to rent a basic laptop or high-end desktop, we offer some of the most competitive pricing in the industry. Give us a call and see for yourself.

Would it help if we pre-installed your customized software prior to delivery? We do that too.

It’s for the reasons and many more on why you should consider giving Hartford a call for your next computer summer camp. Give us a call today at 888-520-5667 or contact us online. We’d enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to discuss the details of your next cyber camp.