Rent Cell Phone Charging Kiosk

Rent Cell Phone Charging Kiosk

Are you exhibiting at an upcoming trade show or conference and want to drive foot traffic to your booth? Hartford Technology Rental now offers cell phone charging station rentals from BrightBox – the perfect solution to building brand presence and enhancing an attendee's experience at your event or venue.

Benefits of Brightbox Cell Phone Charging Kiosk

For event organizers and exhibitors, renting mobile charging stations offers attendees the opportunity to enjoy the event without worrying about losing battery life on their mobile devices. The mobile charging kiosk is a perfect add-on service to any trade show, conference or professional meeting. Some of the benefits of a renting a cell phone charging kiosk include:

  • Attracting a captive audience to exhibit booth or show floor while mobile devices are being charged securely
  • Customizing the kiosk with logo, custom background banner and display theme
  • Delivering content-specific advertising and video content through its digital signage and interactive features for:
    • Surveying
    • Gathering valuable lead information
    • Capturing data analytics
  • Offering the service as free or paid for incremental revenue
  • Leveraging BrightEyeQ® - a module the captures engagement metrics for each kiosk (average charging time, actual impressions, usage heat maps and more)

How It Works

The secure cell phone charging kiosk rental makes it easy and convenient for “on-the-go” business professionals to stay connected.

  • Users access a chamber
  • Lock one phone in a chamber (works with iPhone, Android and Blackberry)
  • Recharge their phone (which supports MicroUSB, Apple legacy 30-pin, and Lightning cord)
  • About 30 minutes later, retrieve their fully-charged phones

Mounting Options & Support

Our cell phone charging rental solution comes with top-notch service where our technicians deliver, install and ensure that the units are working properly for a hassle-free rental experience. The cell phone charging station rental by Brightbox can be mounted in three ways:

  • Table Top Stand – convenient setup for exhibit booth with limited space
  • Floor Stand – stand out among the crowd with branded messaging. Choice of single or dual sided panels
  • Wall Mount – securely mount to any wall. Customize with branded panel for enhanced visibility

Plus, we offer 24/7 technical support should you need it.

Ready to rent a BrightBox cell phone charging kiosk? Contact our knowledgeable Sales team at 888-520-5667 to learn more about this product and our service.