Why Office for the iPad is a Meetings Winner

Why Office for the iPad is a Meetings Winner

If you know your attendees are loyal to Office and feel you always have to justify why it is a good thing to keep their laptops home when they come to your conference, Microsoft recently announced their new app called Office for iPad which may be a meeting planner’s best marketing tool this year.

This offering encompasses three Microsoft mainstays: Word, PowerPoint and Excel. And the best part of this solution, especially if your attendees are not going to manipulate the documents, is it is FREE.

However, if your attendees need to create and collaborate on presentations, budgets and/or documents, there is a modest monthly fee from $6.99-$9.99 per device that allows for document creation, manipulation and cloud storage and backup.

This app requires iOS 7.0 and will work on every iPad except the first generation tablet. In addition, this app was written to take full advantage of the iPad size and robust navigational capabilities of iOS 7.

Here is a brief video highlighting the benefits of Office for iPad:


Since most business professionals are familiar with Office and probably use it on a day-to-day basis, providing this app on your iPad rentals should be a no brainer. You will have the best of both worlds; the PC tools your attendees and exhibitors are used to and the navigational flexibility, touch screen and meeting apps the iPad is known for.

Now that you know the benefits, why rent iPads?

iPads give attendees flexibility because they can access thousands of iPad apps, a myriad of social channels and now…Office. One device that delivers multiple solutions.

iPads can enhance meeting productivity through the use of Second Screen Technology (SST) and the ability to move app to app quickly without a keyboard or stylus.

iPads give attendees and exhibitors maximum mobility because users can access the device while standing, sitting or walking. With a weight of around one pound, thickness of ½” and the battery life of up to 10 hours, iPads offer the ability of “spur-of-the-moment” meetings to happen — meetings within a meeting, so to speak.

With a new iPad being released about every 12 months, renting an iPad makes a lot of sense because you will not have to worry about product obsolescence, storage, insurance and/or theft at your conference.

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