Technology is Ch-Ch-Changing Legal Staffing Needs

Technology is Ch-Ch-Changing Legal Staffing Needs

Not that long ago, law office were brimming with legal staff from attorneys, legal secretaries to paralegals, that were dedicated to one type of law, one attorney and one department. This isn’t the case any longer – legal staffing needs are changing, in large part, due to the integration of technology at every turn from the law firm to the war room.

Legal Secretaries Are Spread Thin

According to the American Bar Association, law practices may now have one legal secretary for every six lawyers, compared to 30 years ago, when a one-to-one ratio occurred.

“Lawyers are doing more word processing, more online research and more electronic filing, which changes the role of the legal secretary,” stated Barry Rosen, CEO of Baltimore law firm Gordon Feinblatt.

Due to technological efficiencies, secretaries have more time to complete online research and draft documents for the team. They want to improve their technical skills too, becoming more of a team member especially in a war room situation.

Paralegals Are Involved in Multiple Cases

“When I began here, I was definitely working for one department only and usually only one or two attorneys. Now I work on almost every case here,” stated Cindy Hines, Senior Paralegal at Shapiro Sher.

Caseloads Vary and Have Shorter Lead Times

When you have just landed a new case and need to rent multiple computers for document reviewers, it’s important to rent a computer that is state-of-the-art and preconfigured to your needs.

In addition, there may be times where technology is all you need and other times the hardware and software is minimally used due to caseload demand.

Hartford Technology Rental now offers Flex-Rent, a way to handle your variable technology needs while saving you and your organization time and money.  No more repetitive delivery and pickup fees and last minute scrambling for equipment.

Here is how  the Flex-Rent program works:

  • Your law practice rents technology for a 12-24 month time period
  • You only pay for use when the technology is active. For example, you may need to rent a laptop for 8 straight days due to an impending case and then not have use for it the next two weeks. Your firm only pays for the time you use the equipment.
  • There are four pricing tiers; but the minimum use over 12 months must be completed in Tier 1.
  • Onsite spare equipment is available in case a unit goes down.
  • Hartford Technology Rental provides remote re-imaging, security wipes and web restrictions of sensitive and confidential documents.

Hartford Technology Rental Has Your Legal Needs Covered

For less than you probably are paying now, get more from Hartford Technology Rental. Call us today at 888.520.5667 to learn about our newest program, Flex Rent, and all our legal rental offerings!