New Research on The State Of The Modern Meeting

New Research on The State Of The Modern Meeting

Blue Jeans Network, a cloud-based conference provider, recently released it State of the Modern Meeting Report which was derived from the input and logistics data on the 5 million meetings they conducted last year. The report has very interesting findings which may impact meetings large and small in the forthcoming years.

Let’s explore what the new research indicates for the state of the modern meeting and the ways technology can help improve the employee or attendee experience at meetings today and in the future.

Research Findings on Modern Meetings

Weekends Are No Longer Sacred

Believe or not, between the years 2013-15, there has been a:

  • 84% increase in Sunday meetings
  • 49% increase in Saturday meetings

Why might this be happening? I can only speculate, but possibly because one or more of the following may be happening:

  1. Many companies now have an international presence and weekends may be the best time to align employee schedules.
  2. According to recent research from PCMAIAEE and the Experience Institute of more than 7,100 potential or current attendees, 50% of them will combine a meeting with a vacation opportunity. If they are already at a resort location with the family, attendees may not mind taking a break to hold a meeting during the weekend.
  3. Due to pressures from work, weekends may be the only time for employees and associates to meet.

Most Popular Meeting Day – Tuesday at 3 PM

The research findings also found that

  • Tuesday is the most popular meeting day
  • 3 PM is the most popular start time and
  • The average meeting length is 36 minutes

This is good to know especially if you are conducting peer reviews or holding training sessions. It turns out individuals can be more attentive and productive if they know the meeting is going to be short and toward the end of their work day.

Meetings Need Options

Even though face-to-face meetings are vital, 25% of all meetings handled by Blue Jeans network had at least one video caller.

This means you need to be prepared with the proper technology such as large, high-resolution monitor rentals.  In addition, it will be essential to rely on technology specialists to make sure your meeting room is equipped with the right equipment at a bandwidth speed that will eliminate dropped sessions and buffering.

Add Virtual Setup to Your Business Plan

When a flood or fire happens and it affects your business operations, you need business continuity services to get you up and running quickly. When selecting a site for temporary set-up, make sure you have the ability to conduct virtual meetings at that location.
In general, virtual meeting setup is well advised for any business – due to inclement weather, changing workforce and/or timely employee announcements across multiple locations.

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