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Makerspaces: Making Their Mark at a Meeting Near You

Makerspaces: Making Their Mark at a Meeting Near You

There is a new meeting trend and it is coming from unusual places: middle schools and libraries. These learning institutions hold Markerspaces to promote interactive learning through the use of non-technical (i.e. Legos) and technical (i.e. 3D printers) tools. The goal is the creation of a new product or prove/disprove a new concept.

This blog will focus on what a Makerspace is, why it is becoming popular in the meeting industry and three crucial elements of a successful one.

Makerspace Definition

Makerspaces allow community members to design, prototype and make something using technology an individual might not easily have at their disposal, such as 3D printers, large monitors or CAD software.

They are meant to inspire creativity and innovation in a safe learning environment.

Why Makerspaces Are Gaining Popularity

  1. These are no rules about structure or who can attend.
    No two makerspaces are the same – they are meant to reflect the culture and objectives of your organization. They could involve programmers, engineers, graphic designers, customer service or anyone you think is interested in learning and contributing to the Makerspace.

  2. The objective is to make something new.
    Whether it is to develop a new business plan or a prototype of a product offering, the goal of the meeting is to come out of it with something brand new.

3 Makerspace Considerations


The location needs to be a place where people can gather and share resources, knowledge and network. Optimally, it will contain collaborative tools such as a Microsoft Surface Hub rental unit or touch screen monitor. The space should be large enough to have pockets of areas where teams can gather comfortably in groups of 4 to 10 individuals and use various technology tools to accelerate the learning process. In addition, it needs to be in an informal, playful atmosphere that fosters creativity.


The individuals involved in a makerspace believe in renovated learning and have an interest in the outcome. They can be software developers, graphic designers, engineers, customers, sales representatives and executives.

If you have the right technology tools (i.e. Surface Pro 4 with Skype for Business or Surface Hub) you can bring virtual attendees into the discussion as well.


The intention is to deeply engage attendees in the development of new products and concepts through the process of experimentation and tinkering. Optimally, each participant will learn new skills through the process of networking and collaboration.

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