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iPads In The Medical World

iPads In The Medical World

In the medical world in particular, just like most other professions, technology plays a huge role in functionality and productivity. If anything, in the medical world, our lives literally depend on technology. Beyond just the medical technology within each healthcare facility, everyday technology also serves its purpose in medicine. Though the iPad is a semi-newer addition to day-to-day technology, it still plays its role in the medical world. When it comes to iPads, there are two types of people; those who believe that it has a wide-range of various functions for all interests and those who are wrong. Particularly within medicine, the iPad serves many purposes:

  1. Organization/Productivity: first and foremost, any iPad user/owner can tell you how beneficial it is to be able to organize your notes, calendar, email, etc. all in one place. Through various applications such as Mail, Dropbox, Calendar, Evernote, etc., you have access to your email, calendar, to do lists, audio files, documents, photos, videos, and more all at your fingertips. Best of all, Dropbox and Evernote allow you to sync with all of your devices so you have everything with you, regardless of which gadget you have with you. The iPad, with these apps or any productive organizational apps that you choose, also allow you to work on the go, making your travel time also productivity time.
  2. Medical News: Within the various news applications, whichever your newspaper of choice may be, there’s applications such as MedPage Today Mobile specifically for medical news. Stay up to date on your breaking medical news with daily coverage of over 30 specialties and yearly coverage of over 60 meetings and symposia. Looking for a more specific news application for your field? Look no further. The app store offers specifically tailored apps for various medical fields such as Renal & Urology News or search for your topic in docwise, which also allows you to access medical journals.
  3. Billing: Also along the lines of having access to all of your documents at your fingertips, applications such as Medisoft allow you to electronically capture your charges and diagnoses using an electric superbill. The app allows you to easily transmit these charges, diagnoses codes, and notes to your biller, front desk, etc. from anywhere with an internet connection. Thus, if you’re a medical professional on the go, having this information at your fingertips is a must.
  4. Research/Reference: Beyond access to medical journals and news, the app store offers other reference materials from a more graphic standpoint. With applications such as Essential Anatomy 2, you can view any anatomic structure from any angle with 3D visuals that are second to none! Beyond that, the app is very easy to navigate and voted Number 1 Medical iPad app in over 95 countries. The app store offers many medical reference apps that allow you to look information up on the go.
  5. Patient Communication: Along similar lines of the anatomy and reference purpose, the iPad is a great way to communicate and interact with patients. With applications such as the anatomy ones, it’s a great way to give an explanation to a patient while allowing them to visually understand concepts and/or form questions while using their fingertips to scroll or point. Since the majority of the apps are simple to navigate, they also allow for a better patient understanding with simplified explanations in sync with high quality visuals.


The list of iPad functionality in the medical field goes way beyond just these 5. Through exploring the App Store, you can find endless possibilities for supplemental work tools in medicine. Take our word for it and check out our iPad rentals!