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5 Technology Considerations for Entertainment Rentals

5 Technology Considerations for Entertainment Rentals

If you are a professional in the motion picture, television or post-production industry, you require technology on a very tight schedule.

Typically, you are in need of the equipment for days or weeks, instead of months or years. And with technology changing all the time, rentals are often your best option.

So how do you choose the best equipment at the best price from the best vendor? Below are several elements to take into consideration for entertainment rentals.

Technology Questions to Ask

  • How responsive is the vendor?
    Because things move at the speed of light in the studio, you need a vendor that is responsive to your needs and can put the equipment in a truck the moment it is needed. And because more equipment may be needed than originally anticipated, you need someone that returns emails, calls and texts promptly.
  • What level of support does the vendor supply?
    Having 24/7 telephone support is one thing, but having access to a qualified technology expert onsite within minutes or hours of experiencing a problem is a more attractive offering. Determine if the vendor has an office in your area and if needed, what the estimated arrival time will be if you encounter a problem.
  • What type of technology rentals does the vendor offer?
    Having cutting edge equipment will allow your movie or TV series to reach the market sooner because editing and post-production will be fast and efficient. The more popular technology rentals are the:
    • Mac Pro, a compact computer that is Apple’s fastest computer. In fact, a benchmark by Geekbench 3, confirmed what industry analysts already believed, especially when testing its dual-core processor capabilities.

      Because the Mac Pro supports up to three 4K displays at a time, it is ideal for:

      • Videographers and Video editors
      • 3D renderers
      • Photographers
      • Animators
      • Designers and
      • Musicians and Audio editors
    • MacBook Pro has a new edition that is 15 inches with a Force Touch trackpad. While it is similar to its 13-inch predecessor, this device has the benefits of:
      • Faster flash storage
      • Longer battery life and
      • Better graphics
    • Apple Retina Displays which are integrated in the iPad Air, iPad Generation 4 and iPad mini 2 and 3 versions. These devices have a resolution and pixel density so high – roughly 300 or more pixels per inch – that a person is unable to discern the individual pixels at a normal viewing distance. This is great for showing clips from the movie to the director, producer or acting team.
  • What sort of pricing and terms does the company have?
    Many production companies, contrary to what you see on the red carpet, run on a shoestring budget. Therefore, having competitive rentals with flexible terms that allow for partial weeks or days is key to keeping within that budgetary guideline.
  • Will they track the assets while onsite?
    With hundreds, if not thousands, of props and displays to keep track of, it is extremely beneficial if a vendor can keep track of their own technology.

Hartford Technology Rental Has a LA Office to Serve You

We at Hartford Technology Rental have a Los Angeles office ready and willing to help you with all your entertainment rental needs and can answer with ease all five of these questions! Please give us a call at 888-520-5667 to learn more about our excellent customer service and value proposition for the entertainment industry.