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25-Point Audio Visual Checklist for Events

25-Point Audio Visual Checklist for Events

Regardless of your meeting size, Audio Visual (AV) is a very important component to the event. You need to understand all the ins and outs of the technology you are renting as well as how it will be connected to the Internet.

Below are the list of items that should be on your checklist. Be certain to have frequent communication with the IT support team at the venue, the AV technician, your presenters and your client when you review this list. Many mistakes and cost overruns can be avoided through regular checkpoints throughout the planning process.

25 Things That Must Be On Your List

Meeting Room Evaluations

If possible, have your AV technician go on the initial site visit with you. For each meeting room, make sure:

  • There is enough room for the AV — this includes sound boards, mixers and/or lighting
  • The room is acoustically acceptable
  • You have a 24-hour hold on the space before and after the meeting for setup and strike


It is important that you understand:

  • How much bandwidth you will have available to you
  • Whether it is dedicated or shared
  • How much bandwidth you need (if unsure, ask the IT specialist) or use an online tool to estimate bandwidth for your event and
  • Where the access points are throughout the meeting space. Why? Because if you choose tablet rentals, remember they have weak antennas and in order to have continuous Wi-Fi integrity, the access points need to be close together.

Presentation Equipment

Find out what type of presentation equipment your speakers need. Most presenters need:

  • A computer to run their presentation. Ask them to send you their presentation so it can be loaded onto the computer well ahead of time
  • A screen or monitor rental large enough for the audience to clearly see the presentation. Do the “back row” test to ensure the screen is positioned correctly and the presentation font is large enough
  • A projector rental with the right amount of lumens to clearly display the material


This can be one of the most overlooked items on your function sheet. Check-in with all your presenters to find out if they need the following type of microphone rentals:

  • Wired or wireless microphones, with or without a floor stand
  • Will the microphone be attached to the podium?
  • Lavaliere (if you choose this type, remind your presenters to wear a suit jacket for ease of attachment)
  • Will the mics connect to the venue’s sound system or will you need to rent a portable one?


Take a look at the meeting rooms during the time of your presentations. Is there:

  • Any natural light coming into the room? If so, how will that impact the presentation?
  • Specialty lighting required to enhance the viewability of the speakers or sponsor information? Or impact the mood in the room?
  • Specialty lighting available through the venue or your AV provider?


AV technicians are certified and trained on the equipment used at your event. You need to determine:

  • If the AV team will be available for the event walkthrough the day before the event
  • If your AV technician(s) will remain onsite after the event starts
  • How many will remain onsite, for how long and what kind of expertise you require
  • What type of backup equipment will be left onsite
  • How will you be supported once the technicians leave the venue

AV Company

When choosing an AV company, check the following:

  • How long they have been in business
  • Their experience with similar type of events
  • Who will be involved in the planning process

Hartford Technology Rental is Your AV Partner

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