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VR and AR for Business

VR and AR rentals have rapidly become some of our most popular rental products of 2016 and for 2017 this trend looks to continue.  The big names so far are the Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Microsoft’s HoloLens.  More than just buzzwords and more than just for gaming, VR and AR can substantially raise the marketing bar for organizations by offering a truly unique way for customers to experience their products and services.  Its one thing to read about or look at pictures but it’s entirely different when your customers can experience it to the point where they can almost feel it.  If you’ve ever tried VR, you know what I mean.  Instead of looking at a car online imagine being able to virtually walk around it, open the doors and look inside or even take it for a virtual test drive.  Traditional marketing can’t come close to replicating that experience.  Here’s some of the ways our customers have incorporated VR and AR into their marketing.

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  • Preview architectural designs such as new buildings

We worked with an architectural firm who use Samsung Gear VR rentals for a bid they were working on.  Instead of the traditional presentation with pictures of renderings, they captured video of how the building is today and then created a virtual rendering of their proposed makeover.  I was told that they received an overwhelming positive reaction to their designs and it looks like they will win the project.

  • Attend conferences in the virtual world

Imagine walking a tradeshow floor while exploring new products virtually in the comfort of your office.  There is a tradeshow organization right now that is working on creating a virtual tradeshow to supplement the actual tradeshow.  They’re even exploring having virtual breakout sessions where virtual attendees will be able to converse with other attendees and interact with presenters.

  • Create virtual training sessions where students can learn in a virtual world

We’ve already had customers use VR for mechanical and medical training.  A health organization came to us to rent Oculus Rift headsets to train doctors on new methods for surgical procedures. 

  • Virtual shopping

There’s a good chance that before the end of the year you’ll be hearing the new phrase V-Commerce.  It’s coming and already there are department stores that are experimenting using VR to offer an interactive virtual shopping experience.  Imagine walking through a virtual store or even a virtual mall where you can pick up items view them and virtually try them on.  These department stores will be installing camera booths in retail stores for customers to get an accurate model of their physique.  The software will then create a very accurate virtual “you” that will allow you to see what apparel will look like on you without ever having to go to a changing room.  

  • Don’t just tell your story, let your audience step into your story and experience it!

We recently worked with an organization on a fund raising project that created a VR experience where their audience was transported half away around the globe to experience the living conditions of the less fortunate.  We were told they exceeded their fund raising goals by a wide margin and more than covered the cost of creating the content.

  • Prototyping

We’ve had several customers utilize the Microsoft HoloLens to put their new prototypes in the hands of potential customers.  Imagine being able to show a customer your latest creation like its right in their hands allowing them to manipulate it.  One of our customers used AR for a new jet engine they created.  With the headsets on their potential customers were able to view, touch and take apart the engine with their own hands.

The above uses are just a few of the many ways VR and AR can be used in your marketing strategy.  When we spoke to our customers after their events to see how VR worked out for them, they we very positive to the point of some placing orders for their next event.  We offer a complete lineup of the top VR headsets for rent.

In marketing it’s one thing to read or hear about a product or service but when you can let customers actually experience it, you’ve just taken your marketing to a whole new level.  A recent study compared companies using VR to market vs. companies using traditional marketing tactics and found that for similar products customers were 60% more likely to buy from the company that used VR.  Now that’s a strong incentive.  VR and AR definitely have a future and it has already demonstrated that they are more than just for gaming.

Do you have a great product or service but need help with the content?  Give us a call at 888-520-5667.  We also rent a full range of 360 cameras and offer expertise in helping you create your VR or AR content.

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