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Video Stitching Service

Video Stitching Service - HTR
Video Stitching Service – HTR

For amazing panoramic images and 360 videos, it’s all in the stitch.

Let us handle the hassle.

When creating a 360 video for VR it’s all about the stitch. 360 video stitching is normally the most difficult part in making 360 videos. Not only will you need a powerful computer to do the stitching you’ll need to have experience with the software and of course the time to process the stitch right.  Rendering and stitching 360 videos can be exhaustive, lengthy processes that drive production costs way up. Thankfully, Hartford can help save time by handling 360 video stitching for you with our own professional video editing service. With Hartford’s 360 video stitching service, you’ll never have to worry about stitching again and you won’t lose more of that most important commodity – time.

Not only do we rent 360 cameras, we can also take your raw footage and do the stitching for you.  We’ll use our expertise to provide a premium stitch quality saving you the time and hassle while helping keep your production costs under budget because we’ve also made it very affordable.

What rigs do we support?

We support a growing list of 360 cameras including; Nokia Ozo, GoPro Omni, Orah 4i, Kodak PixPro SP360 4K and many more.

How does the process work?

You upload the raw footage to us, answer a few questions and we’ll do the rest.  Once complete we’ll send you a download link to get the stitched product.

Want an even easier way?  If you’ve rented a 360 camera from us you can simply send the camera back and we’ll take care of getting the raw footage.

See The Difference!

Video Stitching Comparison - HTR
Video Stitching Comparison – HTR

With the proper software we can help you achieve a professional stitch.

How much does it cost?

Since all 360 video projects are different, we charge per minute of footage for our 360 video stitching service. This makes it very cost-effective and with our resources you won’t have to wait long to get the stitched video. The rate for a fine stitch video depends on the rig and ranges from $125 to $200 per hour.  On average a 3 minute video costs about $375.00.  Need to make sure you captured what you wanted?  We offer a rough preview stitch for as low as $99.

In addition to professional video editing services, we offer VR headset rentals too. Our inventory consists of all of the leading VR headset brands. Whether you need just one or you want to rent a large quantity of VR headsets to showcase your video, we’re the company to call.

*Please note: While we make every effort in providing a premium stitch quality, we are not responsible for inconsistencies that occur due to production or camera issues.