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When your broadcast production demands the highest image quality, it’s time to partner with a company that can offer the right camera and lens to suit your needs. That’s where Hartford Technology Rental can step in. Not only do we offer name-brand camera rentals but we also rent HD camera lenses from leading manufacturers. Our lens rental inventory offers the most advanced design technologies and leading-edge optical components to produce extremely high quality video images.

Not sure what you need? Our AV team, experts in camera and lens technology, can make sure that you get the camera and lens specs you need for your production. Our camera lens rental inventory includes:

Box Lens Rental

Canon XJ75x9.3B HD Lens
If you are looking for a compact HD studio lens that can be used with a portable camera, we can help! We now rent the Canon XJ75x9.3B DIGISUPER premium field lens. The HD camera lens rental is easy to operate and offers high optical performance. It provides full HDTV image quality while implementing control of focal length over the challenging range from 9.3mm to 700 mm (up to 1400 mm with extender). In addition, the focus and zoom servo system are digitized using a 32-bit CPU. Its superb contrast range enhances its high picture sharpness. This combination ensures stunning picture clarity for large conferences, sporting and entertainment event coverage.

Canon XJ86x9.3B IE-II HD DIGISUPER Box Lens
Rent Canon DIGISUPER 86II, a field lens that features the revolutionary HDTV auto focus technology with an ultra-high zoom ratio of 86x, and improved wide angle of 9.3mm that still maintains the size equivalent to that of current SDTV lenses. The box lens rental offers top of the line optical performance and ease of operation due to its image stabilizer. The unique Power Optical system and X-Element make it possible to maintain high optical quality and virtually eliminate aberrations. The built-in Optical Shift Image Stabilizer found in the Canon box lens rental overcomes image shaking at telephoto focal length. With its CAFS (Constant Angle Focusing System), when focus is operated, the angle of view is maintained by synchronizing zoom movement.

Canon XJ95x8.6B HD Super Tele-Photo Lens
Are you involved in a creative HD production project that needs a super-telephoto lens with advanced lens technology for reproducing detailed images? We have the lens you need – the Canon XJ95x8.6B. When you rent the Canon telephoto lens, you get an unmatched combination of the widest angle of view of 8.6mm and a 95x zoom focal range that helps capture far-off objects accurately and clearly. Plus, the super-telephoto lens rental features CAFS (constant angle focusing system) to counteract “breathing” which happens when changing the picture size/angel of view during a focusing operation. In addition, the rental lens has improved digital servo systems, good tracking capability and pan and tilt functionality.

So, what are you waiting for? Rent a box lens today!

HD Camera Lens Rental

Fujinon XA20sx8.5BERM
With a Fujinon camera lens rental, you get a lens that offers 8.5-170mm focal length and is designed to provide 2/3" format cameras with a wide to super telephoto angle-of-view. The HD camera lens rental has a 20x zoom ratio and features a 2x extender that increases the focal range. In addition, its internal focusing feature minimizes the effects of lens breathing for a more consistent focal length when adjusting the focus. The Fujinon QuickZoom technology found in this camera lens rental improves zoom speed; with a push of the button, QuickZoom provides a rapid shift to the telephoto end to check focus. When the button is released, the lens returns to the previously selected focal length. The Fujinon XA20sx8.5 lens is best suited for corporate video productions.

Ready to rent the Fujinon HD Camera lens? We have the inventory along with video camera rentals so contact us to get the process started.

Wide Angle Camera Lens Rental

Canon HJ11 ex4.7B-IRSE
We now rent the Canon HJ11ex4.7B-IRSE lens which offers an 11x ultra-wide angle 2/3” lens built to offer high performance in HDTV settings, ensuring that images are crystal clear. The wide angle camera lens rental features internal focus and shuttle-shot programmable positioning. The focal length range is 4.7 to 52mm and comes with a 2x extender for increased telephoto capability. The wide angle camera lens rental only weighs 4 lbs., making it perfect for a compact tripod, handheld or Steadicam shooting. When you are ready to start your production, we have the camera lenses you need and camera accessory rentals to ensure a professional, high quality result.

HD Telephoto Lens Rental

Fujinon HA42x13.5 BERD-U48
When you need a lightweight and portable telephoto lens, we have the solution – rent a 42x HD lens by Fujinon.  The high definition telephoto lens rental features QuickZoom, zoom limiter, internal focusing and auto-cruise zoom. With internal focusing, the lens moves the inner lens group without altering its length which ensures stability while focusing The auto-cruise zoom feature found in the 42x HD lens rental, lets you set the speed to ensure a constant zoom. With its 42x zoom ration and 2x extender, the camera lens rental also features Digi-power servo for productions that require high optical quality.

Partner with AV Expert

Not sure which lens you need for your production? Call us at 888-520-5667 and our expert AV Sales team can answer any of your questions. We stock professional, broadcast quality cameras and lens rentals from major brands like Canon and Fujinon. In addition, we offer competitive rental prices with 24/7 technical support. If you are ready to get started, complete the camera lens rental quote, and our sales team will contact you for more details.