Scanner Rental

Scanner Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

It may be a regulatory requirement, or it may be time to free up storage space. Whatever the reason, a scanner rental can create digital images of stored document files. Sort, send, file and manage all your documents with ease. Plus, you can access all your documents on-line and remotely.

Since document conversion is typically a one-time project, rent a scanner rather than buying the equipment. Whether you need that rental scanner delivered to Chicago, Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles or anywhere else, let us help.

We carry a range of high speed scanner rental models from the world’s leading manufacturers like Ricoh, Fujitsu, Canon, Contex and others. We’ve got high-capacity automatic document feeders, duplex capability, color scanners, flat-bed scanners and even large format scanner rental machines that are perfect to digitize architectural and engineering drawings.

Deciding on the right scanner to choose can be a difficult choice. Here are some general guidelines.

Scanner Rental Solutions

If you don’t have the personnel to tackle the document imaging project, let us do it for you. We will bring the scanners and our experienced operators to your facility until the project is done. Don’t have the space or don’t want the disruption in your office? Let us pick up your documents and we will digitize them at our secure facility. Once complete, the documents will be returned along with a digital copy in the format you requested.

Need personalized help? Our technical staff will help you select the right scanner that meets your needs. Call us at 888-520-5667, or request a quote online.

Scanner Rental Lineup

Mobile Scanner Rental Mobile Scanner Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

Do you need a portable scanning option to equip your team for a data collection project? Then, rent a mobile scanner from Hartford. It will be configured and ready to go in an easy-to-transport custom case. Learn more about our most popular mobile scanner models here.

Low Volume Scanner Rental Low Volume Scanner Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

Low volume scanner rentals can typically scan up to 500 pages per day. These are ideal for small offices and simple archiving.

  • Scan Speeds up to 40ppm / 80ipm
  • Up to 50-Sheet Document Feeder
  • B/W, Color, Duplex, 8.5”X14”
Mid Volume Scanner Rental Mid Volume Scanner Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

Ideal for workgroups or departments requiring higher document capture, rent a mid-volume scanner that can handle up to 4,000 pages per day.

  • Scan speeds Up to 80ppm / 160ipm
  • Up to 200-Sheet Document Feeder
  • B/W, Color, Duplex, 11”X17”
High Volume Scanner Rental High Volume Scanner Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

When the size of your scanning project is in terms of multiple filing cabinets or the whole filing room for that matter; Hartford's high speed scanner rental models are just the ticket. We are talking super-fast scanning speeds with high volume automatic document feeders that will get your job done in no time.

Contex Large Format Scanner Rental Contex Large Format Scanner Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

Large-format scanner rentals by Hartford Technology makes it easy to scan technical documents, maps and drawings. Contex scanners are built to withstand high-volume use on daily basis and are available in a sleek and lightweight design. Our large format scanner rentals offer a total scanning solution with leading-edge software that fits with your existing tools and business processes.